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1. Now that all 3 sets of the 2002 MYP cartoon have been released and initial sales have been recorded, what is the possibility of a direct-to-dvd animated movie or maybe even a new cartoon series?
This is something we are exploring but in context of working on the new toy line and a future live action movie, it is all part of an overall MOTU franchise. While we don’t have anything to announce quite yet, we are very aware of a fan demand for this!

2. Are unreleased classic figures that were in production fair game for the MOTUC line?
For example, in NA, Mara & Darius made it to the prototype stage but were never released.
Sames goes for POP, with the Star Sisters (Starla, Tallstar and Jewelstar).

It is possible but some of these characters are a bit obscure and wouldn’t happen for quite some time.

3. How will Mattel gauge the success of the MOTUC line? Will it take a complete sell out of each figure's production run, or a certain percentage?
It might not take complete sell out, but we would want to see how many figures we sell in the first day, week and month to start making any type of success call. Grayskull was a HUGE success in our books.

4. With the announcement of alternate heads for some figures, how do you determine who gets an extra head and what that head will be? For example, many fans would love to see POP figures come with alternate heads with rooted hair, or Skeletor come with an Alcala inspired head.
We handle this based on two factors: 1: Who absolutely needs a second head (Mer Man and Man-At-Arms come to mind) and how much tooling do we have for the total line for the year. Obviously the more successful the line is the more tooling dollars are available. We wouldn’t do a second head just to do it or to do a second expression, a figure would have to have a compelling reason to need a second head.

Also, for major characters like Skeletor, we would be more likely to do a new release then pack in a new head since he is a guaranteed seller no matter what the head is.

At this time we will not be doing rooted hair for any of the characters. All POP characters will have plastic hair to keep a uniform line look and keep costs down. (having rooted hair means using a vendor who can do rooted hair and the MOTUC line and the DCUC line is produced in a plant that does not do rooted hair). Changing vendors is expensive and would slow down production.

5. Will the MOTUC packaging be resealable like the DCUC Lobo? And if not, is this something Mattel will do in the future for the line?
We looked into doing re-sealable packaging but it was driving the cost of the figures up to high. So the answer is no, not at this time.

6. Given how you said you are looking into the possibility of some sort of DCUC / MOTUC cross-over, what is the possibility of reusing DCUC parts in the MOTUC line to help extend the life of the line with a larger library of recycled parts as a further cost-saving measure?
This is something we are looking into but not all parts work back and forth. For example, the basic He-Man body is a bit big for Green Lantern and the basic DCUC body is a bit small for MOTU. But we are looking at some possibilities down the road. Grodd might make a good Shadow Beast if executed right and Kid Flash might work out for Prince Adam if executed right. (not that we wouldn’t also look at doing Prince Adam as a repaint of He-Man as well) Lots of possibilities depending on the fan support the line gets.

7. Since you announced that MOTUC figures will be recycling art from the classic packaging, what will you do about never-before-released-figures that don't have classic packaging artwork? (eg: Queen Marlena, Green Goddess, etc)
We could also use art from the classic mini comics for either of these characters!

8. Some fans had a King Grayskull whose sword and/or shield had a dimple in the middle. Is this a mold problem or just a casting problem on a certain number of swords/shield, and will it be fixed by the time we get He-Man and Skeletor?
Really? We haven’t seen any samples here with a dimple. Either way, it might have just been a fluke in a few samples and wasn’t at all something done on purpose going forward.

9. Given the durability issue of King Grayskull and the numerous broken figures, what is Mattel doing to insure durability on future MOTUC figures?
We switched vendors.

10. Some fans would like to fast-track the relase of figures that did not see a release in the 2002 action-figure / mini-statue line (eg: Spikor, Scare Glow, etc). How is Mattel determining what figures are released first? It is all based on the reuse of parts, or is there another reason for why certain characters are chosen over others?
The first several months of characters were chosen based on popularity coupled with reuse of parts (which is why Zodac will be done before Ram Man who needs a full new sculpt).

Once we gage fan interest and sales success of the line we will have a better idea of how much tooling we can allocate for future figures. As far as additional character selection into the rest of 2009, that is up to the marketing and design team (as well as some input from the Horsemen). But all of the members of the team are huge MOTU fans and have mentioned that doing characters who were not in the 2002 or Staction line are a big priority for them. We don’t think their will be much disappointment in the 2009 line up!


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