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Thread: Undead He-Man Custom Figure

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    Undead He-Man Custom Figure

    So I went to this vintage toy store by my house and this guy was doing custom figures. I HAD to pick this one up!

    Undead HM 1.jpg
    Undead HM 2.jpg
    Undead HM 3.jpg
    Undead HM 4.jpg


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________
    Drak: Snake Mountain. It sounds so glamorous. Tell me about it.
    Skeletor: Well, it's, it's a dark and dismal.
    Trap Jaw: W-w-with slimey walls. Ugh!
    Whiplash: And strange, ugly creatures scurrying around.
    Skeletor: Just like any home, really.

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    That's excellent. Reminds me of Sha's excellent artwork for Zerocool's 'future Imperfect' story
    Evil Horde wannabie!!!!

    MOTU - A Hero Lost (my take on what becomes of Eternia after he-man and Skeletor left for Primus)

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