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Thread: Custom Imaginext Battle Armor He-man

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    Custom Imaginext Battle Armor He-man

    Finally thanks to Imaginext Blind Bag series 5, I finally found the perfect buck to use to make a He-man for my growing Custom Imaginext Masters of the Universe collection I'm creating for my son (a huge fan of the toy line). Sure I would have rather had a buck to make a standard He-man, but Battle Armor is the next best thing and really works with the battle axe I found to finish out the figure.


    With He-man I finally have enough of the main figures to really start doing something with this collection. Such as awesome battle scenes with my Custom Skeletor! (hmmm..looks like my son has been a bit rough with him..could use a paint touch up in spots)


    Here Comes Teela on Charger to the Rescue!


    What I love the most about the Imaginext Figures is that the original Castle Grayskull is actually an appropriate scale for the size of the figures. It really does look like the massive fortress its supposed to be in series in comparison with these figures.

    Overall, I'm extremely satisified the figures I've created so far, and plan on continuing to add to the collection. I hope these posts either encourage others to make their own Imaginext customs, or more importantly convince Fisher Price/Mattel that they are sitting on a gold mine if they just started making a proper MOTU Imaginext line. I for one would buy every single piece I could for my kids. They really are wonderful toys!


    Next up....ROBOTO! Stay Tuned here on the forum for my pics of that figure soon!
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    Imaginext Skeletor, He-Man and Teela figures. They look rather cute to me.
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    They are definitely aimed at kids. Like real little kids. I made these figures for my 3 year old son, so I'm okay with cute.
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