I've merged some tips from the original thread (and some others) to make it more concise and easy to find tips. This thread will be locked, however, if you wish to add a tutorial or suggestion, please feel free to PM me.

This thread will include:
* Questions on materials and how to do certain things
* Give techniques that you have learned
* Request spare parts

Also, there's a plethora of customizing tutorials on the internet.
Figurerealm has an entire page dedicated to tutorials, located here http://www.figurerealm.com/viewcustomtutorial.php

PLEASE be sure to read through and check out the links in this thread BEFORE posting a thread asking how to customize. Thanks

Where to buy sculpting materials?
Aves Studios
Jerry's Artarama
The Sculpting Studio

What paints are best to use?

In most cases Acrylics work better with action figure plastic, enamels tend to dry sticky. I use a broad range of paints including Americana,Apple Barrel Folk Art, Testors, etc.

The Colorful Truth About the Difference Between Acrylic Paint Grades
Cel vinyl Paints
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Paint and other supplies can be expensive .........

LIst of some I use!
http://www.micromark.com - supplies
http://www.ebay.com - auctions
http://www.avesstudio.com - sculpting clays
http://www.plastruct.com/ - plastics