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    Quote Originally Posted by Jyrki View Post
    What is more safe way to soft MotU Classics figure's joints so I can fix ankle joint issue : Hot air from Hair dryer or hot water? Just wondering.
    It's just a matter of choice, I prefer water that I heat in the mircowave in a paper cup. Some put their figure in an oven on a low temp and others, a hair dryer.

    There are times I use my heat gun.

    I have used the hot water method for over 15 years and have not noticed a change in the plastic.

    I imagine anytime you heat plastic it will let off gasses, and will cause it to become brittle. I think the key is not let it get too hot.

    __________________________________________________ __________
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Too take off a foot, just heat up the foot and pull off the foot, starting with the heel.

    Here's the heat gun I used:

    Heat the foot up:

    Pull the heal off:

    Pull the rest of the foot off:

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