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You should post pictures... Probably the paint was unsealed and that's why it's rubbing off... You might need to buy some paint sealer...
First of all thanks a lot! Well I have tried to take some pictures but it is imposible to see anything. Maybe with the sealer will be perfect but it would be horrible if it added brightness to the paint as the colour is perfect. I dont want to use any product that can change the colour or even destroy it. I want something that makes the figure safe to be touched adding some kind of plastic texture. Is this sealer right?

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Try Gamesworkshop Purity seal. Apply lightly. It gives the entire piece a very matte finish and evens things out.
Thanks for your quick reply, my friend! I will try unless it does not add any difference to the colour of the figure. I would want something which added plastic texture if possible because if I scratch a bit with my nail, it peels. I thought about using a hairdryer but I am afraid it can harm the paint.