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1. For many Q&A answers, Mattel will say "if there is enough fan interest" that something asked about could happen. Unfortunately, that never tells fans the specifics on what needs to happen in order to create that level of interest. So, what exactly quantifies "enough fan interest?"
Unfortunately this isn’t a question we can provide a direct answer to. Toy production runs and fincial information is proprietary information we don’t give out. We know that a lot of fans are hoping to have a measurable scale to be able to tell how successful a line is. All we can say is that we will let fans know how sales are doing as soon as the first figures go on sale.

2. Might we see the release of a new Commemorative line, or a MOTUC / Commemorative 2-pack type line, where we once again get figures in their original 1980s sculpting style, especially figures that were never released back then such as He-Ro or the Star Sisters?
This is an idea we have discussed internally, but right now we want to put all of our efforts behind MOTUClassics. If the line takes off it will definitely open the floor for other possible MOTU lines such as another commemorative line. But nothing to announce right now.

3. Will Mattel be using all new sculpts for female figures in the line, or recycling female parts from the DCUC line? A number of fans feel the women should have proportions that are similar in tone to the classic line with a bit more "shape", whereas the DCUC females tend to be very thin in appearance.
The basic female will indeed have a new sculpt. While we may occasionally use parts from DCUC, almost all of the parts for MOTUC will be new. We will get to at least one if not two females in year 1.

4. Since we're getting some figures with swappable heads, will the heads be removable on every figure? Even those without an alternate packed-in head?
It would be nice to easily customize our figures with the armor and heads of our choice (eg:
placing the head from the 2nd Skeletor release (what/whenever that may be) onto 1st Skeletor body)

Yes, all the heads will be removable. This was one of the features we wanted to put into the line from Day 1 and is one of the reasons we bumped He-Man and Beast Man to December.

5. In the 200X MOTU line, while the Four Horsemen did the majority of sculpts, some refreshes were done in-house by Mattel. Will the Four Horsemen be sculpting and/or designing all of the figures in MOTUC?
Right now the plan is for the Horsemen to do all the sculpting.

6. Because of the push-back on the initial MOTUC release date, what is Mattel's proposed schedule for announcing new figures, showing photos, and showing us packaging (which we haven't seen any of yet)?
We will roll out brand specific pages on in early November (including a page for MOTUC) which will detail all of this information. Right now the plan is for He-Man and Beast Man to go on sale in Dec, Skeletor in Jan, Stratos in Feb., and Mer-Man in April (Mer Man was originally the March figure but he was delayed a few weeks so the NYCC figure will become the March figure as well). The packaging will be revealed when we roll out the new brand page in early November. New figures will be revealed in the first quarter of 2009 once we judge sales of the first few characters. (we don’t want to get too far ahead and announce figures until we are sure they are going to market!)

7. When will we see the first MOTUC sculpts of characters from New Adventures, Princess of Power, and the 2002 MOTU universe?
We definitely have characters from these lines in mind but we won’t be revealing further MOTUC until early 2009 once we judge sales on the first few figures. So the answer is sooner than later. The first year of product however will focus on the original MOTU line. New Adventures and POP figures will show up more in year two once we are up and running.

8. Instead of switching vendors, couldn't Mattel just produce rooted hair POP heads at a factory that makes Barbie heads? You could then package an additional rooted hair POP head with figures, or produce a set of additional variant heads to sell to fans.
While this sounds like a great idea on paper, logistically it just doesn’t always work out. Many of the vendors who do rooted hair are in completely different countries. Because of tariffs and product development issues it just is not feasible at this point to develop MOTUC figures in multiple factories. It would just slow things down too much. For now, we hope fans will be excited that we will be including POP and other females in the line and many fan demanded characters.

9. In official MOTU licensing styleguides for the classic POP line, no mention of Filmation exists and there is only a ™ for Mattel. The designs inside are closer to the appearance of the characters on the Filmation cartoon. Does this mean those designs in the classic styleguide are possible for POP figures in the MOTUC line?
We can’t comment too much on figures and characters we have not announced yet. The particular look of characters will be based (overall) on the look of the 1980s toy – updated. As for the POP styleguide, this is something we have reviewed internally, but the idea for all MOTUC figures is for the new toys to be modeled after their 1980s toy counterparts and not a unique look from the style guide. Although the style guide might on the surface appear to open the door to additional characters who were not made as toys in the 1980s, there are just too many legal restrictions at this moment to rock the boat like this. Much like our answer last time about being hesitant to do 1987 movie deco’d figures, for the POP line we will be sticking to just figures that were made in the 1980s. (or had prototypes made like the Tall Sisters).

10. Will Mattel ever team up with LEGO to have a LEGO-inspired MOTUC line?
An interesting idea, but as Lego is a separate toy company so we can not comment on this publically.


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