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Thread: Cool stuff that could help mattel

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    Cool stuff that could help mattel

    Not sure if this was ever posted here (couldn't find it in search) but my friend just sent me this cool article that was put up last year I guess and had a lot of neat ideas for handling some of our issues with character availability and generally helping motuc.

    And this link has a lot of cool story and design ideas for a reboot that I think could be really cool.

    (Didn't see anything in guidelines about not posting links so my apologies if I've broken any rules.)

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    Cool links.

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    First off, thank you for generating a thread to talk about something other then sub/die that is otherwise occupying our thoughts., hearts, Blocked lists and wallets.

    As a person who has been told IRL by family, friends and co-workers "you talk about He-man, and breaking bad, (or anything I like...) too much" and a person who loves a tenuous analogy, **** YEAH! to that link! I think the ONLY counter point might be, that that is what they did in 1986 and 2003...Mattel it's either a drought or a flood. I don't understand why they don't understands that that can't work. If they offered Shadow Weaver again, I'd buy two out of fear one one break, and she would eventually skyrocket in price. SO there is a LOT to be said about re-issues of the the high priced items that prevents new customers from entering the club...Some some of us who haven't had the luxurious of being able to find the time (breaking Bad) or the money (Shadow Weaver) those secondary market values of "gone for good" items is keeping potential customers away. I SEEN it first hand! It's a fact.

    That second link is awesome. If the style was more like mini masters and the cell phone game, and had some video game/ Pokemon functionality modernization in it, it would please old school fans and children, especially people who have small children who are old school fans. I really loved the Batman Brave and the Bold TV show. I want a MOTU show like THAT!

    I really think a fun way to bridge the two a but more, would be have a "mini masters" type thing, but make them normal looking kids, "prince Adam" son of Principal Randor who plays online video games is sucked into or transforms into the MOTU character "He-Man" while playing his "world of Eternia" video game. Make his mount "Battle Cat" and his IRL pet a real word cat named Cringer."play the game or the game plays you". "Eternia really exists" type stuff that a modern child would appreciate. That way you have the potential to really capture kids and adults at the same time...
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