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1. With the recent news about the movie, which undoubtedly means further delays on any future release, will Mattel fast-track the production and release of a new cartoon or direct-to-DVD cartoon movie to have some sort of tie-in and media push with the MOTUC line?
We are working on several new MOTU projects but you’ll have to bare with us as we don’t have anything to announce quite yet. But to answer your questions directly, we are not currently “fast tracking” a direct to DVD movie.

2. With the recent events in worldwide economy, is Mattel coming up with any game plan to help keep the MOTUC line alive in case the economy has an adverse affect on sales?
MOTUC has always been a line aimed at adult collectors. While we can not control larger economic factors, if people are not purchasing product, it will be hard for us to produce it. But with that being said, we like to focus on the positive, that being that a NEW MOTUC line is actually being produced! This is huge awesome news. Without a movie or a cartoon or a comic book line there is still a new toy line! That is giant. We hope this alone excites and energizes fans. While we are looking into other MOTU franchise opportunities, we just don’t have additional news to announce at this time. But rest assured, MOTU is alive and well at Mattel!

3. In addition to the earlier inquiry about a LEGO line and the economic concerns above, is any other small-sized line a possibility, such as a line similar to Hasbro's "Heroes" lines?
We hate to sound repetitious, but anything beyond doing single carded figures will have to wait until we review sales of the first few characters. Mattel took a large risk producing a toy line based entirely on the support of the fan base (i.e. no current new entertainment). While we are all for doing boxed sets, larger characters, 2 packs, vehicle, small scale figures and everything else under the sun, we just can’t comment on anything beyond the basic single carded figures until we see how well the first few figures perform.

4. Will there be any mid-thigh articulation in either the male or female figures? On the forums, it would appear that most vocal fans do not favor this type of articulation.
Nope. No mid thigh. The articulation will be the same as King Grayskull.

5. Since the male MOTUC figures will have shorter furry pants to increase leg mobility, what will be done on female figures to also give them more leg mobility? Plastic mini-skirts, while appropriate on some figures, would hinder leg articulation and mobility if a stiff plastic is used for the skirt.
When we get to the first female figure (which will be Teela by the way) we will make sure articulation and sculpting is at the level you have come to expect from this line. The Four Horsemen, Toy Guru and Matty are all huge MOTU fans and are putting a lot of love into this toy line!

6. Since POP figures will not have rooted hair, that means they won't need to come with a comb like with the classic POP figures. Does this mean they could have another weapon to go along with the shield that many classic POP characters had?
It is quite possible. We will look to include as many accessories as make sense for all of the Classics figures. But yes, it is likely a comb will not be included and more likely we will indeed to shields and other weapons. Maybe even a sword that is comb-like as an homage!

7. When the annual preorder is offered, will this also include exclusives from conventions and/or from other vendors?
No. The pre order will only include the “figure of the month”. Originally Faker was going to be an extra figure, but Mer-Man was running late so he will become the March figure. Any extra figures produced for conventions or other retailers will not be part of the annual preorder.


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