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    Masters Ultraclassic!

    I've already posted this guys on the italian forum, hope you'll like them.

    Well, as I always say, He-man is an axe-hero, now and forever a barbarian from a jungle tribe who woke up one morning and said "Hey, what am I doing here? Let's go save the planet from the evil-doers!"

    Here's my Teela, well, in fact she is the original Teela ever, a warrior-woman who fight like a demon "possessed by the spirit of her warrior ancestors", some sort of a berzerker-woman.

    Aaah, ol' Skeletor is the ultimate master of evil, no way to make him better than he already is.

    And the savage Beast-man, always figured him out as the strongest of Skeletor's minion, strong enough to make He-man have a real fight whit him.
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