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Thread: Shane Dittsworth suffers injury - gofundme drive to help

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    Shane Dittsworth suffers injury - gofundme drive to help

    I'm putting this into the MOTUC Discussion for now, as Shane was a valued member of the Four Horsemen for so long. Mods will it over to Other Discussion in a few days.

    Artist Shane Dittsworth, who worked for the Four Horsemen for over a decade and contributed to many of our favorite MOTU toys, suffered a back injury and is in need of our help.

    See what he had to say below, and please click here to help on his gofundme campaign.

    "Hello friends, on the early morning of Feb 13 I took an unfortunate and unexpected fall down my basement stairs. I was taken to the hospital via an ambulance. Upon X-rays I was informed that I suffered a compression fracture of the superior endplate of T-12, escentially I broke my back. Luckily there was no neurological damage and the break was clean and should heal hopefully without any complications. Although in a bit of pain, I am quite lucky that is the extent of my injury. I have always been reluctant to ask others for help. I live alone and I'm self employed, I'm a freelance sculptor/designer and I sell my artwork/sculptures to make my living. Unfortunately due to this event I'm not able to do that for the time being. I am very limited in my abilities to work, sit for very long, make molds/castings ect. So with that being said I'm asking anyone with a couple of extra bills, loose change, kind words or positive vibes to please consider helping out. There's going to be some bills, medical and normal ones, on going doctor visits and physical therapy. Already those who know what happened have reached out and have been a blessing and I'm for ever grateful. If you can help in any way I will also be for ever grateful!! and please share because every little bit helps

    Thank you so much"
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    I shared the link on FB. Once I make my first million, I'll pitch in some more. I hope his recovery is swift!
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    Yeah hoping for a speedy recovery for him
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