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Thread: MOTUC Canon Questions?

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    MOTUC Canon Questions?

    What MOTUC Canon Questions do you still want answered?

    What is the link between Eternia and Earth?
    Who all died in the Second Ultimate Battleground? Are there any Snake Men left?
    What happened at the Battle of Fetra IV?
    Who stayed on Eternia or Etheria after the Second Ultimate Battleground?
    Who were Jitsu's Evil Warriors?
    What happens on Eternia and Etheria during the time He-Man and She-Ra went into space?
    What happened to Evil-Lyn after she escaped into the future to find her son?

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    Who exactly is the Great Black Wizzard?
    What comes after SoH?
    Who is Skeletor's mother?
    Chef Allen's origions?
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    Who is Ka?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine View Post
    What happened to Evil-Lyn after she escaped into the future to find her son?
    I thought Evil-Lyn fled to the future WITH her son, not to find him.
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    The Time Wars/ Agents is a big question i look forward to learning the answer to.

    Besides that?

    Who built Central Tower, Besides Hordak, and for what purpose? Something to do with Eternia's King? (Gray...?)

    What is the secret of Keldor how does it relate to the "Nameless One" that King Hiss served.

    What exactly is the "Dino-reptillian Empire" as it relates to King Hiss's Snakemen?

    Bionic Dinosaurs?

    "Hordak knew you where destined for something, though he did not know exactly what" ...

    Hordak didn't recognize the Sword of Power and Protection, but King Hiss called the Sword of Power the "Sword of the ancients" which, looks like another Sword of the Ancients in different story, but not liked the one sword called the same thing in an episode of Filmation. (I've gone crosseyed...)

    WHEN was Hordak banished to Etheria, in relation to when King Hiss was sealed in the Timeless Void?

    Are Snakemen Immortal (unkillable) or are they just long lived?

    Is DC comics Prince Adam the reincarnation of The Original He-Man from the jungle tribe of He-Man and the Power Sword.

    What Does He-Ro's card back say?

    What does Strobo's Friends look like

    Who is Teela's Father. (Could it be Keldor...)

    What is Goat Man's back story?

    What are the Overlords of the Eternal Dimension?

    When did The Energy Beast rule Eternia.
    What happened to The Green Sorceress of He-man and the Power Sword.

    Does she have a connection to Teela (Tee-La?) The Warrior Goddess?

    Where did The Sorceress come FROM?

    More importantly, what was Preternia like BEFORE she came?

    WHY didn't Zodac join the Other Eldor's in the Orb? (because he was leader?)

    What where the Eternian Dark ages like? Brutal no doubt...No technology, No Magic...Like robinson crusoe, as primitive as can be.

    What Secret's did Gray learn that day in the cave. What is his destiny?

    What is Light Hope?

    What Are the First Ones of Etheria?

    What Happened to He-Ro? I wonder if He was the King of Castle Grayskull for at least a time perhaps?

    For That matter What the hell is the time stamp on any "I though that was just a myth/Legend" type person, place or thing...

    What stories from two different media DO NOT contradict each other. How many Eternia's are we reading about throughout the Multiverse?

    What happened to Adora and Sea Hawk that they didn't raise Dare.

    Who are the two Infinitian Leaders who arrived on Ancient Eternia and infiltrated society?

    Zilorra's Snake Clan...

    What did Castle Grayskull look like when it was a living creature. Did it fight The Energy Beast?

    What does the T and E stand for, and what was Tri-Klops a doctor of anyway? Science I'm sure, but which field of study?
    Could Bounty Hunter Tri-Klops take Dr. Tri-Klops in a sword fight, but what about a game of chess?

    Is that a card board astronaut or robot inside Castle Grayskull toy? Well, The Movie adaption from Marvel had an American Flagg from the future inside Grayskull, so Perhaps it's an astronaut from the future? Thing looks pretty old. Lots of Earth astronauts end up on Eternia...Gwildor screwing around with his Prototype Cosmic Key in the Hall of Wisdom no doubt considering he was to be packaged on a Powers of Grayskull Card alongside He-Ro and Elder. I wonder if that makes Gwildor and Ancient/Elder?

    I know The Bios tried to give some answers for some of that in the context of Classic, but I wonder what was the original Intent by the creators in the context of Vintage. But between the numerious discrepancies, non searchable archive of Q&As and various forum posts, it gets to be Too complicated, and contradictory to the Filmation elements for me to be able to enjoy it as much as Vintage.

    Besides I have some fundamental issues with some of the conclusions and answers that was provided as they don't feel in keeping with the spirit of what MOTU is. Stan Lee never once worked on MOTU, I don't understand how he could be it's creator. Besides, Standor sounds like the guy who might be a Stilt Stalker operator more then anything else...

    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine View Post
    What MOTUC Canon Questions do you still want answered?

    What is the link between Eternia and Earth?

    Who stayed on Eternia or Etheria after the Second Ultimate Battleground?

    What happens on Eternia and Etheria during the time He-Man and She-Ra went into space?
    The Earth/Eternia connection is a great mystery one spanning back to Superman's rather random appearance on Eternia TWICE in 1982.

    Throwing this out there, because i'm using it in a work of fiction of mine that once started as a fan fiction of MOTU.
    SPOILERS Eternia was shattered into several large chunks that got thrown through space time. where once was a Single world (Preternia) became Many. Eternia, Neighboring planet oposite side of the Solar syetem Infinita. In a another Galaxy or Dimension (both?...) Etheria. The Future Primus. Which in it self eventually became Primus and Denebria. and finally, the furthest planet away from the Center of the Universe is EARTH. All thouse worlds are connected, because once, near the dawn of this universe they where all the same planet. Well, all that is true In My Canon.

    As for who stayed and who left Eternia/Etheria that is something I really want to know. Even just a list of names would be fine by me. Now Mind you, I would rather they all NOT join in He-Man's New adventure. I think seeing them deal with the day to day of protecting Castle Grayskull and fighting The Horde, Snakemen, The Snake Mountain crew and all the random bad guys would be enough work, Especially if man-at-arms became a dictator like Jack Olesker wanted to do. Given the workings of Time travel, that could have been a Darkest Timeline/ Days of Future past story that can STILL work.

    It will be interesting to see the stories we do get to compare and contrast them against the stories we could have gotten I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zodak's new shoes View Post
    Who exactly is the Great Black Wizzard?

    What comes after SoH?

    Who is Skeletor's mother?
    I like the great Black Wizard, though I still feel he needs a proper name as that feals more like the thing that comes AFTER a MOTU characters name. I would love if all these Skull faced guys are a faction, The D-Men of Infinita. The series bible talks about the Infinitains's near apocalyptic wars making it nearly uninhabitable, and that Skeletor was the descendant of those mutants. A whole race of lich?

    How many Skull faced guys we go in Classics now anyway?

    After SOn of He-Man. I like your forward way of thinking! The idea of Eternia being destroyed and Skeletor's son and Dare traveling to the future in a NEW idea from that 1988 source we just recently all learned about. After the "fall of Eternia..." I would actually like to see Dare (and some of the gang) go to Primus, perhaps BEFORE He-Man arrived, or even after. Just not during. I like The idea of He-man being alone and homesick to much to that that story potential away.

    Yeah. Skeletor's mom. I pray it's not Illumina...
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