I don't get all the Netossa love. The review sample had issues with the cape and after seeing her without it, I finally get why people were complaining about the wings. I defended the decision before, as it looks like the Filmation design and was meant to be an extention of the cape placed where it wouldn't hinder head movement, but now I just can't. I don't hate PoP at all but it feels like the latest offerings just aren't as strong as the vintage MotU. My collection will not feel empty without her and Frosta in the ranks. They just aren't up to par with the likes of Shadow Weaver, Teela, TOD Sorceress, Catra, or even She-ra 2.0.
BTW, never was a huge Jitsu fan but love the new figure....although I don't get the need for the extra weapons. Love Ram Man too but don't see the need for the extra head. These are the things that bug me about the line sometimes. Characters that don't need the extras get them....but those that seriously need them don't. Anyway, great reviews and pictures none the less.