The only thing I don't like about this set are the names for each of them and their overall bio. Though I am warming up to Ditztroyer. The others... I'm calling her Demolitia, and she's definitely sporting the Horde logo. Her specialty is blowing things up (vehicles, outposts), scavenging the debris, and putting stuff back together in more devious ways for deadlier effect. He's just going to be called Talon Fighter, and he's going with the heroic warriors as an expert hiker/scout type of character (I see that one weapon as more of a pick than a club), who operates from Point Dread, his home base. Ditztroyer I see as a mysterious wizard, who for the time is aligned with Skeletor and is somehow connected to Shokoti (son of Shokoti and Lord Masque, perhaps?). He's going to be big trouble on Eternia when He-Man and She-Ra take off after Skeletor for their New Adventures I see him usurping Snake Mountain from Jitsu at some point and using it's secrets in hopes of resurrecting Shokoti and Masque. He's very Halloweenesque, so I see him with yellow Evil-Lyn and Scareglow as his main partners in crime while Skeletor is off in space.