I was reading the first Rogue Angel book by Alex Archer, but forgot it one day on my way out the door to work, and bought Twilight at a drugstore so I'd have something to read at lunch. I read a bit, finished the RA book (great read, by the way, sort of Indiana Jones meets She-Ra mixed with um...good stuff) and started Twilight in earnest. I LOVED the book (I being a straight dude of 27), and was eager to see the film. My girlfriend (24) and I went to see it on Sunday, and we both liked it. I think I would've like it more if I had seen it before reading the novel, but I understand why the changes made were made. My girlfriend loved it and has nerly finished the book already, despite work and helping her grandmother fill out Christmas cards ad nauseum! I have not started the second book, but fully intend to. I just hope I don't get let down as I did with The Golden Compass series (Ugh, what a waste of potential! IMO, that is.)
By the way, in the acknowledgements, the author thanked her family at fansofrealitytv.com (or something close, Hayley has the book so I cannot double-check), butshe mentions someone who goes by the name Mantenna!
Cool, no?