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Thread: Tradelist. Accessories wanted.

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    Tradelist. Parts & Accessories

    Hey Kids, Im back around... I havn't really been much into MOTU lately. Ive been picking up other toy lines. I have a bunch of extra Parts,accessories & mini comics photographed below..

    Items are for Trade or Sale.
    My MOTU Want list is very small, its listed below, with a few other toy line want list. EMAIL ME FOR THE FASTEST RESPONSE.

    I have doubles of Many of these Mini Comics, Some are in good shape, some are bad w/creases,bends etc.., None are Dead Mint.

    MOTUC MOC'S: First Releases.
    Faker #1
    Skeletor #1
    Beastman #1
    Mer-Man #1
    He-Ro #1
    He-Ro #1 Sealed in Mailer
    Zodac #1

    Vintage MOTU Battle Cat helmet
    Vintage MOTU He-Man Swords,Axes,Sheilds,Harness' UNBROKEN
    Garbage Pail Kids Cheap Toys
    G1 Transformers
    Vintage Star Wars STORMTROOPERS only
    Thundercats Jaga w/helmet
    Thundercats Lynx O Sheild
    Thundercats Shiner gun
    Mr.Bones Candy Coffin cases
    Weirdball figures Crayart rubber ones or Grunt Figures
    Skateboard smack ups
    Rocks & Bugs & Things Mordels
    Underworld warriors
    Nightmare warriors
    Lots of ther things, Send a tradelist.
    paypal $$

    M.A.S.K parts:
    thunderhawk 1 silver missle
    gator silver depth charge
    jackhammer turret gun
    Stinger Both Chrome pipes
    Plus more, Need to update.

    Read more:


    My Vintage MOTU Weapons/accessoriesTradelist:

    My Feedback:
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