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Thread: 2017 Subscriptions?

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    2017 Subscriptions?

    Is it pay all up front and then wait till whenever they come out or will it be a pay each month like it has been? Trying to find the link for the subscriptions or information. When I called they wanted all $175 upfront for the ultimates and then they would ship them out whenever they were produced (guy on the phone could not give me a straight answer on when each figure would be produced). Thanks

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    Think the sub is done. S7 is doing it differently than matty

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    We don't have any details on the new figures or how they'll be offered in 2017 yet.
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    I think the reason Super7 is doing the new stuff in waves (of 4 figures) is because since they are much smaller than Mattel they need the money up front and need to produce as close to demand as possible (something Val has said and he should know given his dealings with the Power-Con exclusives)

    It's unreasonable to expect someone to pay for 8-16 figures all upfront which is why Super7 is doing quarterly waves of 4 figures at a time. Low enough quantity to save up for and afford at a time while also being enough to combine shipping. Personally I'm glad they aren't doing monthly releases anymore and combined shipping will help collectors outside the USA afford them.
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    The sub-model is done, easy.
    It makes sense for such a small company to know hom many units they need to order before goin into production. Plus I've always chosen quarterly sub shipments in the last two years and everything went great!

    I'm fine with releasing 3-4 waves per year (I dont expect vehicles or creatures being part of it, maybe for SDCC or else ). Pre-orders should work the same as with matty in a sense, we always had to prepare money before the 15th of each month/ quarter
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    I was assuming the pre-order was a one-time thing. If they continue to do business this way, I may not be all in.

    I'm sick of paying months in advance for product.

    I finally today got an email from The Loyal Subjects that they were shipping the order I placed and paid for back in February and expected in June. They had ignored the email I sent them a couple of months back asking if/when I should expect my order, so I won't do business with them again.

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