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Thread: Would Classics fans buy off-budget HotWheel toys that look just like MOTU vehicles?

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    Would Classics fans buy off-budget HotWheel toys that look just like MOTU vehicles?

    While Mattel considers the future of MOTU after 2015, fans have seen numerous attempts to expand our interest beyond the Classics line with mini figures, a baby doll, a 12-inch vintage figure prototype, and a set of Polly Pocket figures. What else would we want in our MOTU collections aside from Classics figures? I feel Mattel missed a big opportunity with its Hot Wheel toys, which featured a normal array of cars with MOTU art printed on them. The same thing was done for MOTU fans when the 200x cartoon rolled around.
    Meanwhile, Ghostbusters received an Ecto-1 toy that looked just like the original car!

    Would there be any reason not to make Hot Wheel toys that looked just like popular MOTU vehicles? It seems Mattel churns out a ton of those little metal cars every year. Would MOTU fans buy a Filmation Attak Trak, or would more people be interested in the toy version? How about a Land Shark, Battle Ram, Roton, or Skeletor's Collector vehicle? The toys would, of course, be completely separate from the Classics budget, and would in no way keep us from getting more of our favorite MOTU figures produced. If anything I feel this could only increase interest in our hobby and community. Would you collect something like this?

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    Yeah, I've wanted these for years!
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    Yeah, I've been hoping this would happen eventually.

    It's something MOTU fans have been asking about for a long, long time.
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    Not really interested in Hot Wheels, BUT if they actually looked like the vehicles from the show, I'd probably bite.

    That said, Hot Wheels (aside from Batmobiles) seems to just paste graphics or make up all-new vehicles (like the new Darth Vader SDCC exclusive), so I doubt they'd actually do it.

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    I've been wanting that exact thing forever. I'd be all over it.

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    If they're accurate, then yes.
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    When I heard about the TRU Hot Wheels MOTU packs that came out years ago, this is what I thought we were getting. I'd buy these in heartbeat. With Mattel having the Filmation rights for MOTUC, I wonder if we could get Filmation vehicles this way? The Collector anyone?

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    These I would buy!

    (I bought the cars too.)
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    I've always thought those would be a lot of fun and I think they would get more fan interest than what we've gotten for MOTU Hotwheels in the past.
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    I'll be honest---I dont even understand hot wheels market. Most people I know with kids dont buy them, The only adult i know that COLLECTS them is a Car nut ( works on cars etc) and he buys them once in a blue moon.

    Our local Walmart floods the kids isles with them , but i never see anyone buy them.

    Im lost on how Hot Wheels sells. No offense meant, im just clueless on that market.

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    Honestly, I might actually collect something like this. I'd love a Hot Wheels Filmation Attak Trak. A problem I have with mass figure collecting is that storage becomes a problem really fast, but with these, you could buy a few iconic vehicles and it wouldn't be a big deal.

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    Honestly I'm tapped out finance wise on classics. While these might be pretty awesome I would probably pass.

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    A Land-Shark Hot-Wheel would be AWESOME!!!!
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    Probably not, unless shipping to the UK was reasonable.

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    Possibly though I don't usually collect toy cars. The MOTU vehicles are pretty cool looking though so I'd be tempted. Depends on the cost. With shipping to the UK I imagine they would cost more than i think they are worth, like the Mini Masters.

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    If done correctly and with some nice details YES!!!
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    I definitely would if the vehicles actually look like the toys, but I'll never have any interest in the HotWheels MOTU stuff released to date..... I just don't see the appeal of a Camaro w/ a MOTU logo on the hood (or something to that effect)

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    Abso-freakin-lutely I want those!!!
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    Hot Wheels sells planes and other uniquely shaped pieces too. So we could easily be offered a Wind Raider, Talon Fighter, Sky Sled, Fright Fighter, Roton, or Spydor.

    I have no doubt the detail of these toys would be spot on. Take this set of Batman vehicles for example.

    New Adventures fans, would you like a Hot Wheels toy of Starship Eternia? How about one designed to match the box art?

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    Hell yes!!!!

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    Yes, I'd buy them, although were I Mattel I'd put some thought into interchangeable micro-drivers. It's fine for enclosed vehicles like the Collector or the Starship Eternia to be "empty", but open ones like Wind Raider, Roton, Landshark...okay, basically most of the vintage vehicles will be kind of meh if they're all driverless.

    Goodly number of candidates though if they did try it:
    • Talon Fighter
    • Battle Ram Chariot
    • Stridor and Nightstalker
    • Starship Eternia
    • Wind Raider
    • Roton
    • Filmation and toy Attack Track
    • Land Shark
    • Bat-Mek
    • Bashasaurus
    • Laser Bolt
    • Spydor
    • Fright Flyer
    • Hordak's Interceptor
    • Basher
    • Dragon Walker (vintage, NOT 200x)
    • Road Ripper
    • Mutant Mothership
    • The Velvet Glove
    • Astrosub
    • Mutant Shuttle Pod and Terror Claw
    • Blaster Hawk
    • Bolajet
    • Doomcopter
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    YES!!!!! I have wanted this done for years and never understood why Mattel never at least tested the waters with this idea.

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    I have been wanting these ever since I discovered Hot Wheels released a retro-entertainment assortment that has included Knight Rider, Ghostbusters, A-Team, and much more. Hot Wheels scaled MOTU vehicles would ROCK!

    However, I would expect these would cost $5-$10 minimum per vehicle. Which is what I would be wiling to pay for them.
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    I've been asking for this for years as well. Attack Track (Classic), Roton, Landshark, Fright Fighter, all of that stuff woud be aces with me. Make it so, Mattel!
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