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Thread: MOTUC original Clawful stress marks?

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    MOTUC original Clawful stress marks?

    I just took a look at my Clawful's left claw and noticed a lot of stressing on the smaller pincher. I figure it's because the fit on the club is so tight.

    I ended up heating his hand up for a minute with the club in it, then placing the club on the little 'catch' right before it pops into the back of his claw as it cooled. It comes in and out without placing pressure on the hand, though the weapon is now a little loose (not much though). Photos are of after heating.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue or had breakages? I'm a little concerned about it.


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    I didn't notice that even though I don't collect MOTUC figures.
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    Yes, mine has it too. I'm a little concerned so I've been posing sans the weapon

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    I just checked and mine has it too. It looks like they didn't make the hole big enough, causing the claw to stretch out too far to clasp the weapon. It looks like Buzz Off's/Camo Khan's right claw is fine. It has a noticeably larger hole for a weapon. Thankfully, I only have a weapon in Camo Khans right hand and not his left.
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