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Gotcha, I didn't recognize the word

As for the merging... I like it. It explains the alien feet

After seeing the MYP episode where Hordak turns Keldor into skeletor, I became VERY against the idea of an extra "keldor" head being packaged with Skeletor. The two were very different looks. His feet and hands became more clawlike, and he did more of the hunchback kind of thing... Bonding with extradimensional demon explains that better.

Also keldor seemed to be more of a "fighter" than the "mage" Skeletor became.

I admit I like this merging of origins better than I like He-mans. i LOVE the power harness story, but now I'm confused about wether Adam just slipped into the vest and called himself he-man or what? Without the mystical transformation of the sword.... Throws the whole secret ID thing into question.

A BETTER origin would have been based off a throw away line in Filmation, where He-man comments that Sorceress made his vest from Corrodite, and it enhances his strength!

So Adam raises his sword/half a sword and becomes He-man. He-man in Corridite vest... MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!

The vest thing could be tied to the halves of the Power sword. Maybe the sword of Grayskull was lost and the vest was the only way to have He-man. Kind of like what the Horsemen envisioned with the new techno sword. The Sorceress could have made the illusion for the physical appearance of He-man.

Keldor was a mage too. Read the MvC comics and you'll know what I mean.