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Thread: MOTUC Bios & Canon Discussion (updated as bios become available)

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    CapricornDefender should start a new thread:

    MOTUC: The better Bios.
    Turn Mermaid Speculation Into Mermaid Support
    Where's the fish!!??

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapricornDefender View Post
    I've never seen you post something so angry. Perhaps you are not a fan of the writing, or maybe its something more pacific that's bothering you. Here is my version.

    Mermista - Mermaid friend of She-Ra
    Real Name: Elaysia of Atlantis

    Hidden deep within the towering stone fortress of Crystal Falls is one of Etheria's most mysterious of figures, the Water Maiden Mermista. Possessed of a powerful elemental magic, as ancient as the tides, she has command over the ocean, and all creatures of the sea are subject to her will. From thunderous crashing waves to gentle life giving streams, she uses the might of the planets tides to combat the Evil Horde, and protect the innocent. A powerful ally in the fight against the Horde, Mermista patrols the waters with an army of sea creatures, to disrupt Horde supply lines, and defend the trading ports, essential to daily life in Etheria. Though she is a kind-hearted ally of She-Ra and the Great Rebellion, like the ocean, she has a temper not to be tested. When those who dwell on land abuse the ocean, and its many blessings, she is known to unleash a fury which has become woven into nautical myth and legend, a strong warning to those who would destroy the harmony of life in the seas, or pillage its precious resources.

    During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Mermista battled Mer-Man, the Evil Ocean warlord who sought to use the creatures of the seas to defeat He-Man and his allies. Though outmatched in strength and speed,
    Mer-Man's selfish use of the ocean creatures angered the deepest fury within this mother of sea. Unleashing the full power of her magic beaded Pearl Amulet, Mermista sealed Mer-Man in a mystical bubble prison, banishing him to the deepest, blackest trench beneath the vast Etherian seas, turning the tide of battle in favor of the forces of good!

    No, Mermista doesn't decapitate Mer-Man in what has become a trite MOTU gorefest. Mer-Man can easily return, should Skeletor get around casting a powerful enough spell to raise him from his murky prison. I like this version better.

    Spinnerella - Dizzying Defender
    Real Name - Cynthia Dan'Cer

    In the fight to defend Etheria against the Horde invaders, a beautiful warrior woman volunteered to be imbued with mystical powers by Castaspella, and aid She-Ra in protecting the Whispering Woods. The elemental spell filled the lavendar haired lady with the ability to generate powerful cyclonic motions, and she became Spinnerella. Nimble and lithe, her moves like the wind. Her attacks upon her Horde enemies appear as a dance, as she bobs and weaves across the battlefield, creating confusion and hysteria, lashing and whipping her enemies with her flowing spiral fringe skirt. Catching her is like grasping the wind, and in a blink, she is gone.

    Spinnerella operates as a trusted messenger, and loyal friend to She-Ra and the members of the Great Rebellion. She is an unseen breeze in enemy encampments, disappearing into the thick of Whispering Woods to deliever reconnisance to the resistance, sharing vital information of Horde movements. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Modulok attempted to capture Spinnerella and harness her cyclonic powers to create a powerful Horde weapon. Luckily with the help of Glimmer and Netossa, Modulok was defeated and Spinnerella remains free to fight the Horde as the dizzying dancing defender of Etheria.

    The second part of the bio is purely for name drops and branding. Mattel seems to get that part of the bios right. I'm not too keen on the real names, but if you're going to give an established character an alternative name, at least give it some zest.

    Sweet Bee - Honey of a Guide
    Real Name: Beatrice Castle (okay whatever)

    A born pacifist, daydreamer, and true believer in peace, she was content to lay in the Whispering Woods and enjoy the work of the honeybees during the endless Etherian summers. When the shadow of the Horde crept into Etheria, threatening to enslave all she held precious, Beatrice answered the call to Mystacor to aid the great rebellion in their fight to drive Hordak and his army of villains back to Despondos. Enhanced by the magic of Castaspella, Beatrice gained the ability to fly, and adopted the persona of Sweet Bee, becoming a powerful avatar of justice in the defense of Etheria. As a honey of a friend to She-Ra, Sweet Bee, became a trusted guide to the good folk of Etheria, and guardian of the balance of life in the Whispering Woods, right down to its smallest creatures, ensuring the bloom of the beauty of Whispering Woods through the dark days of the Horde.

    After Hordak found a magical passage to Eternia, Sweet Bee lead the resistance, allying with the renegade Masters of the Universe. Beatrice later fought in the Second Ultimate Battle Ground, armed with her powerful Sting Laser hand cannon, this fast, cunning and accomplished marksman led a brigade of special forces made up of both Avion and Andreenid aerial agents. Her squad fought an assault against Viper Tower, helping to defend it from a fleet of attacking Rotons. Though she was not Andreenid, her experience in battle earned the respect of Buzz-Off, and he offered her a position in Andreenos to sit on his council with General Stingrad as an advisor, a position never before granted to a member of another species! Sweet Bee is the beautiful buzzing battle maiden of the skies!
    These are FANTASTIC, my only nitpick would be on Mermista's it needs to be changed to vast Eternian sea from vast Etherian sea, but these are 1000 times better than the ones that are on the packaging. Great job
    "My whole life has changed because of this sword!" ~Adora

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    Glimmer - The Guide Who Lights The Way
    Real Name: Glimmer of the House of Brightmoon

    With the power to light the way, Glimmer uses her abilities against the darkness with her staff and headdress which glow in the dark. This brash, impulsive ever-cheery, young lady is one of the deposed princesses of Etheria, a fact she never lets anyone forget. Her recklessness often causes problems, but she is a fun, young woman who can laugh through the direst of circumstances and pass on her good cheer to her comrades.

    She followed She-Ra along with several other members of The Great Rebellion to Eternia to join up with the renegade Masters of the Universe and continue the fight against The Evil Horde. After She-Ra left Eternia for the stars, Glimmer returned to Etheria taking her rightful place helping to rule over the Kingdom of Brightmoon.
    Glimmer - Radiant Princess of Brightmoon
    Real Name: Glimmer of the House of Brightmoon

    Beloved by her people, and a trusted friend to Adora, the leader of the Great Rebellion, Glimmer is a powerful weilder of light magic. She is the royal heir to the Kingdom of Brightmoon, and she doesn't let anyone forget! A brash, impulsive, proud warrior, her recklessness can sometimes cause problems for the Rebellion, as she prefers to tackle the Horde head on. Her youth and impetuous nature sometimes leaves her vulnerable in tough situations that even her magic cannot overcome, but her zeal rallies the people to fight, and in that aspect she is invaluable. Her powerful light magics shield her friends from sight with invisibility, and from Shadoweaver's dark spells with radiant protective spheres! She can dazzle and confuse even the most frightening of Horde members with sparkling displays of brilliant light!

    Glimmer was essential in aiding The Great Rebellion and the Masters of the Universe in the Second Ultimate Battleground. During the fight, Leech attempted to kill She-Ra, by draining all of her life force, but the heroic Glimmer intervened, permanently blinding the beast with a burst of pure energy, saving the most powerful woman in the universe from certain doom!

    After She-Ra had left Eternia for the stars, Glimmer returned to Etheria taking her rightful place beside her mother, Queen Angella, to help rule over the free Kingdom of Brightmoon!

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    And of course, the real issue with headcanon:

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