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Thread: MOTUC Bios & Canon Discussion (updated as bios become available)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbagok View Post
    Wun-Dar is the only one who came with the (black)sword packed with him, but the blue and green ones from the weapons packs are thought to be intended for Vikor and Oo-Larr.
    Oh! You're absolutely right! I was getting all of this confused with a comment made by Scott, about how those Swords were intended for the other He-Men. I was thinking that they had actually come with them, but I was just getting my memories mixed up.
    Some remaining, post 2016-Reveals, WANTS:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreann'ot View Post
    My take on it is: The bio says that each generation had a Cosmic Warrior after the rise of the Horde Empire. That was long before the time of He-Ro, so those Warriors pre-dated He-Ro. It also says they each got THE Sword of He, not A Sword of He. There is only one, passed down from Cosmic Warrior to Cosmic Warrior, for each generation. (A generation is roughly 25 years for us, probably a bit longer in the dimension of Eternia!)

    I've assumed the Oracle was meant to be He-Ro's guide, and remained after his death to watch over King Grayskull...but who knows? In one of the original pitches/ideas/bibles/whatever, Orko was supposed to get tossed back in time and fight alongside He-Ro. A lot of people think the Oracle IS an older version of Orko, sent back in time - a reference to this old idea. I'm more partial to thinking he's an ancestor. ...Though, it would explain why he's called "The Oracle". He would know a lot about the future.

    I don't have the impression that any of the "He-Men" had Trollan guides, but I do like the idea of Skeletor getting half of the Sword during Oo-Lar's time! That would tie some of the lose canon strings together very nicely! (In my canon, Oo-Lar IS He-Man, time displaced, separated from his Sword and memories, and taken in by the Jungle Tribe. I couldn't justify him being a separate person...but giving Skeletor half of the Sword in that time period works perfectly!)
    Your take on the sword of he is correct, missed that. After rereading it makes total sense, this being said, it sounds like the weapon has been upgraded a bit since arriving to eternia, with the knowledge of the Elders, (and if you take into account the filmation canon, that it combines with the sword of the ancients as well) its a different weapon since it first arrived. This throws the the third sword theory(if i were in charge of the canon, that third sword would have been created by the nameless one and hidden in a pocket dimension, the found by horde lord or horde prime).

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