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Thread: MOTUC Bios & Canon Discussion (updated as bios become available)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RocketPunch View Post
    Good question! I'll ask in the WTFWTK thread. Hopefully we'll get an official answer.
    Official answer? #
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    Quote Originally Posted by Princess_Adora View Post
    For those wanting more death, They basically killed off an ENTIRE race of people, since Sweet Bee was an Alien who came to Etheria looking for a suitable new planet for her people to live on. According to her Bio we are led to believe she is nothing more than an average Etherian who was given her Bee powers by Castaspella as there is no mention of her alien heritage or of her people... so I say " THEY KILLED THEM ALL!!!!!"
    Same way with Roboto. They went the 200X route making him something MAA built instead of an alien robot from robotica.
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    Guess they're not exactly going by the Filmation bible on everything. Or it's possible that Drone 7 and the rest may have been wiped out. I don't like the idea or Rattlor and Tung Lashor defecting to their King's most hated enemy. They are Snakemen through and through! Judging by NA She-ra's bio, I smell a Despara figure!

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    It would be nice to have a book of some sort to explain the whole story. I fade in and out of keeping up with the bios....then I get all confused when I come back. Are all the bios still updated on this thread?

    edit- "updated as bios become available" ....duh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saved View Post
    Same way with Roboto. They went the 200X route making him something MAA built instead of an alien robot from robotica.
    That dichotomy was present in the original line as well. FILMation told one origin story for Roboto (he's from WAY out of town), and his Mini-Comic told something completely different (built-- with a Heart!-- by Man-At-Arms). It's not always easy to reconcile two completely contradictory telliings of a tale, but when You realize that Teela did NOT appear in "Happy Birthday Roboto"... ;^)

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    Does anyone know why Sweet Bee's bio is not posted on Mattycollector? They have Light Hope and Eldor and even Geldor but not her?

    I hope this doesn't take as long as Fang-Man, they didn't list his until he was reissued as CS overstock. I know here bio on the back of the package is posted on the .org and this very thread but I also want the little paragraph that put just above the bio which gives added detail, that was what told us stuff like Vikor's Sword was called the "The Sword of Gaz" and that Scareglow Greyskull item was a reliquary. I copy both that and the package bio to a document I use to keep track of the bios and other stuff and those extra details add to the bios.
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