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Thread: What are your ALLTIME Top ten figures/Characters you want first for MotUC line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    Yeah! I was just thinking, maybe we should have a new one of these?
    Wow, I'll say! My entire top ten has been made, and half of my pie-in-the-sky choices are either already made or coming this year! Feels good! Still hoping on Illumina though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisto69 View Post
    I love looking at old threads like these and seeing how many figures people picked that they are now holding in their collection, pretty awesome stuff! Its also interesting to note how either we change or getting characters changes us. For instance I would easily right now pick Rio-Blast as one of my top ten, but he didn't even make the cut in 2009
    It gives me pause how many characters that are now figures only got one mention back in 2009.
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    Kinda sad looking back and seeing that from my list Frosta, Spikor, and Marlena are 3 that I passed on.

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