So Lay Ze-Man posted these very fun pics, and it got me thinking...

We know all the figure's heads can pop off and be exchangeable right?

Well who better to make full use of that feature than Man-E-Faces!

(I so hope they look to his packaging artwork here for the "look" of the figure!)

How cool would it be to be able to interchange his head with the others?!

Now you may initially think it's not possible because of his helmet... I would be willing to bet the 4HM could figure it out.

I think you could have the helmet be one piece that's removable, but that the top part that "switches" the heads around fits onto the top of Man-E's head. Man-E's head can then pop off like all the others.

You could even have Man-E's armor be removable like all the others, so he can share the upper and lower torso parts with He-Man, Skeletor, MAA and most all the other figs.

What do you all think?

Then Man-E-Faces not only has his three forms, but he could become any of the other figures and truly be MANY FACES!

He even could potentially come with FOUR heads!
One sculpt with all three faces, like the standard figures we've always had of him.

Then one complete human head.
One complete monster.
And one complete robot head!

So Man-E-Faces could share parts on his torso, and his legs. (TrapJaw, Roboto)

He'd have new arms, new armor, heads, helmet and gun accessories.

I'm sure it could be done! What say ye?!