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    WTFWTK 2.11 - Ask your questions here!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know:
    • Each user is limited to 1 question per Q&A.
    • Posts with repeat questions & multiple questions will be deleted, and the offending user will no longer be permitted to participate in that particular Q&A. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
      Be sure to check the posts in this thread before you, as well as previous Q&A sessions!
    • This is for questions only; not discussion.
    • We will start a new Q&A thread when it is time for more questions, approximately every 2 weeks. So please don't start new Q&A threads.

    Please avoid questions about:
    • Figure specific requests (eg: When will we see She-Ra?).

    Figure specific requests will undoubtedly be met with a "anything is possible" answer.
    The figures that can be produced are figures that were in the original MOTU, POP and NA lines, as well as in the mini-comics for these lines.
    Characters that appeared in the 2002 MYP cartoon are also fair game.
    Filmation characters are off limits!
    Who will be produced will remain to be seen.

    We will pick up to 10 questions we feel might get answers at that time. Please do not take offense to your question not being asked.
    It's nothing personal.

    Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


    The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

    1. Does Mattel own the rights to release the video game that was made a few years ago for the 200X series, and if so, is there any chance that it could be released on Matty collector?

    2. It was announced in a recent Q&A that Convention Exclusives and any other "Extra" figures produced would not be included in the annual preorder system. When will the full details of the annual preorder system be announced and what are the advantages/incentives for the customer to invest their money upfront in a year's worth of figures?

    3. Are there any plans to put the MYP Masters of the Universe in syndication or to re-syndicate any of the classic series? It's possible that if the show was aired again on channels like Kids WB or Fox, it could bring new life to the franchise.

    4. Can you give us a general idea of how the "old parts to new parts" ratio has to be budgeted out for MOTUC? And, if the line is successful, will the ratio of new parts increase?

    5. Hasbro produces a plastic protector case for the single carded GI Joe figures. Would it be feasible for Mattel to create the same type of plastic case for the new MOTUC line as well as the 2002 line?

    6. With the adjustment of the line's debut, what is the schedule by which fans can expect to see new figures shown on MattyCollector, and how does NYCC play into the debut of new figures?

    7. How does Mattel pick who gets early product samples to review? Many fans would like and other MOTU sites to be some of the first places to get samples to review for fans everywhere to enjoy.

    8. Could Mattel upload the art from the ToyFare ads to MattyCollector or without the text? They would make awesome wallpapers for the desktop.

    9. Aside from the 800 hotline which still costs international fans a lot of money, is Mattel taking any steps to offer other methods of customer service?

    10. From time to time, could Mattel implement a type of "Vote for a character" program where fans & collectors pick the next character that will be released?


    So ask those questions!

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    In the last Q & A, it was suggested by ToyGuru that perhaps the "bland colors" fans are upset about on the final product vs. the bright colors shown online or in magazine ads are a result of computer monitor resolution varying from person to person, HOWEVER... a recent MOC MOTUC Stratos figure has been spotted online via a Chinese auction site, and his belt color is CLEARLY painted a drabber green/yellow mix that looks pretty bad on the figure (which a LOT of once-eager fans have noticed)... this was changed from the original bright red belt shown on the prototype for... what reason? Fans notice this stuff right away, and if this is an example of how Mattel is cutting costs, they are going to turn off a lot of fans who once were rabid to see their favorite characters updated in the MOTUC line. Is Mattel aware of this?

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    Is it fair for collectors who bought Figures through the Mattycollector site to have to pay for return shipping when they are received damaged? Many collectors are falling victim to poor quality control (2 right hands), or poor warehouse handling (poorly packaged) which is resulting in the figures being damaged and sent to the customer. As a collector's line, these should be treated better than the average product. Having to pay for shipping to send back a figure that should have come undamaged seems unfair.

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    Will armor on figures such as Man-At-Arms, Fisto, Mekanek, Jitsu, Stinkor, Randor, Webstor, and the like interfere with the torso articulation seen on figures thus far?
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    Will you be producing all new original characters further down the line?

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    Is Mattel seeking retailer support for the line (Brick and Mortar availablility) or will total focus be on Mattycollector?

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    We were told that you were looking into the furry pants being too hard, but I was very disappointed to find that my He-Man has furry pants as hard as King Grayskull. Are you guys planning on switching materials?

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    Why Mattycollector isn't featured among Mattel's online shops on Mattel's official site ( and MOTUC doesn't have any info on company's products directory? (

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    Though in previous WTFWTK's it was stated that every precaution has been taken to insure mint on card collectors would be taken care of and that the items would be shipped with the highest regard.. now with the first batch of shipments and many people complaining about the condition of the packaging and shipping - what is Mattel doing to correct this?
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    Will groups like the Snakemen have just the Snakemen on the backs of the cards? (For instance, He-Man and Beast Man had 6 figures shown on the back...will the first Snakemen's card have just other Snakemen on the back or will it depend on the releases?) Same goes for PoP and NA also.

    EDIT: The first half of this question was asked back in 2.6 so I removed it.
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    Will Stratos be offered with his red belt or with the greenish-yellow one seen in recent pics?
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    With the new line strongly based on the classic motu legacy, wouldn't it be great to issue a (deluxe) book with all the original box- or cardback art from the original toyline? Is this something you guys at Mattel have talked about yet?


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    Not having received either a confirmation of order or a shipping email for all three of my orders on Matty Are you going to sort Digital River out if this is actually down to them?

    It's quite frustrating not to be able to follow up on an order you've made and makes waiting to see if it turns up even more annoying.

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    With numerous toy companies(such as Hasbro, Mezco, Playmates, and Mattel to name a few)working in the 3.75 inch scale of figures, is this a scale in which we might see Masters of the Universe sometime down the road?

    Figures in this scale nowadays boast superior sculpt, paint, and articulation which rivals their 6 inch counterparts. This scale would seem to be more desirable in terms of playability, space, and affordability (i.e.Lower manufacturing costs which would then result in lower purchase prices to the consumer).

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    Will Teela and Evil Lyn share the EXACT same bodies/armor details as they did originally? Or will there be some room for small variances in their costuming/armor details? Thanks in advance!

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    If you run out of production on figures lets say He-man. And your going to re-produce those figures will the new molds not have the hole in the back. What im asking is will the newer casted figures be fixed right from now on. Or will all the He-man figures made, will have the fill-in hole on his back?
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    will there be a way to buy some extra weapons, accessories, heads, etc seperatly.? for example, to make customs, or to replace broken damaged parts (my powersword has been damaged/bended and the battle axt lost some paint). you could sell them without some special packaging.

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    Hallo ToyGuru,
    my question is. Here out in the world are of course some POP and/or NA Fans,too. And 2010 must be the year for release the figures of those two lines. I think the most fans donīt like POP (without Shera/Adora) and NA much that replace a Original line figure. So if you release a POP/NA figure could you sell in those month min. 2 figures? ALWAYS 1 Original MotuC and 1 POP/NA?

    Nice greetings
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