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1. Will there be any differences between the Faker that's released at NYCC and the one offered four weeks later at mattycollector?
While this is something we were looking at doing, to avoid production problems the Faker figure will be the same as the one online a month later. The advantage to getting it at NYCC is that you get the figure one month early and can brag to all your friends.

2. Why are subscribers to the mattycollector newsletter not receiving any email notifying us of news?
That is because we haven’t sent one yet! Right now we are updating fans through the news section (which gets new posts about 2 or 3 times a week). We are looking into doing a newsletter in the next few months but right now our energy is going toward making sure the product and content of the site is top notch. You will see a lot more product in 2009 and a lot more content on the site. We’re just getting started!

3. What can Mattel do to ensure that the bright bold colors we're always shown on press photos are what we're actually going to get when the toy is in our hands? Even King Grayskull's colors in person are drabber than what was shown on mattycollector.
We are always looking for ways to improve paint ops on figures. Many times early paint masters look a bit different (and sometimes it is due to the resolution on various computer screens) but we are very committed to producing the best product possible and believe me when we say every single day we are making changes to make collector figures better!

4. Fans have noticed that Mattel has DCU stands available online.
Will these stands work for MOTUC figures or will MOTUC have their own stands created? If MOTUC will get their own, do you have any idea of what they will look like?

We are looking at introducing MOTUC stands but likely not until 2010.

5. There seems to be some confusion as to if Skeletor comes with two power swords (one being the other half of the power sword and the other being a complete sword) or if he just comes with one. What can we expect from Skeletor?
Check out the MOTUC brand page on The Skeletor figure is noted as coming with both a full power sword and a half sword. All of the figures who came with a sword in the original line will come with a full sword and a half sword in the Classics line (including Faker and when we get to him Prince Adam).

6. You have said this line will be made for the true fans and collectors of He-Man. If that's so, what is Mattel doing to involve and utilize the incredible knowledge of the major MOTU experts in the world like Emiliano Santalucia, Val Staples and James Eatock in this line?
Fortunately Matty, Toy Guru and the Four Horsemen are all huge life long MOTU fans so rest assured we do have plenty of MOTU experts on staff right now! We will also continue (as we have been) to read fan posts and comments on various websites (including to see what fan reactions is and suggestions for the line. (and if we ever get stumped we can always post questions online for fans to answer!)

As for involving specific fans in the line, the best way for any fan to become directly involved in a Mattel toy line is to come work for Mattel. We have job postings every day. Check out and click on the employment opportunities section for more information about applying to the world’s largest toy company.

7. What was the idea and process behind the design of the the new packaging design? Many people are confused why it doesn't look more like the classic packaging as originally stated, and would like to know why it was made the way it is now.
We couldn’t be more proud of the way the new packaging turned out and feel it is a great homage to the original line while taking on some key design elements all of its own. Obviously not every fan will be 100% pleased, but we hope in time it will grow on you. The idea behind the design was to take key elements form the original toy packaging (such as the cross sell, the blister shape and even the “belly button”) and combine those with new exciting elements such as the identifiable Grayskull stone work and the power lightning blasts which resonate with both casual MOTU cans and die hard life long fanatics.

8. He-man and King Grayskull feature a fully usable left hand (to hold accessories with), while all of the pictures of upcoming figures like Skeletor appear to have a uselessly open hand. Will all the figures be "ambidextrous" like the upcoming He-man, or will certain figures only have one (usually the right) hand that can hold an accessory?
You’ll have to remember that even in the original line, He-Man only had one gripping hand. Skeletor was designed to hold his Havoc staff close to the top, so his right hand is a little more open. Some figures will have two closed hands, others might even have a closed fist. It will all depend on the specifics of the figure. Often this is a choice made by the Horsemen when they sculpt a figure and we are proud to follow their lead.

9. Have you kept the potential for vehicles and playsets in mind while designing the figures? That is, have you purposefully created the figures so they can sit on a beast or throne, or fit into a vehicle without shattering the leg joint?
Yes, we do look at this and want to make sure that if we can get to a Battle Cat one day that He-Man will sit on him with ease.

10. MOC collectors like to buy figures in person to get the best condition possible. Having to order sight-unseen through a website worries MOC collectors. How well are these carded figures going to be packaged before they are sent out to avoid damage while getting to collectors?
We have worked extensively with the shipment company to ensure all MattyCollector product is sent out to ensure blisters are mint. One exercise we ran through was giving them collector product and having them mail it to brand managers at Mattel over and over until they got it perfect.


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