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    I'll be honest, I think the question was pretty rude and accusory. If I was ToyGuru I would have been a bit offended.

    He comes out and says that All six of them have been Lifelong fans and everyone seems to call them down on it, like THEY know more about the world and the toys then THEY do. As a massive fan myself, I would be offended by that.

    Truthfully like Shadow and others say, nobody will ever be 100% happy and no real fan has the same vision as another. The way the have been combining the Filmation and original Minicomic storylines with 200x story shows me that they are true fans and doing as good a job as possible.

    Of the answers up there, the one I personally hated was #8. The hand was open because the old hands were open?!?! That was always a FLAW back then, they shouldn't repeat it now. The old He-man had a straight hand so he could hold his shield. The old Skeletor had a curved hand... but came with a sword that had that extra little hand guard on the powerswords... So he COULD still hold BOTH the sword AND the staff at the same time. If we have evolved past the extra little straps on the weapons, we should evolve past the NEED for them.

    Think how cool a pose it would be to have Skeletor holding BOTH halves of the sword and slowly bringing them together! I seriously hope this "philosophy" is rethought for future Characters/ varient skeletors

    I LOVE the looks of the new figures, but I want them to Celebrate the originals, not be tied down by the flaws. He-man got two usable hands, I think THAT should be the new standards.

    Naturally I'm not talking about the oddballs. clawful, jitsu, fisto, TrapJaw... I'm just talking about the "normal" guys
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