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Thread: Original MOTU MOC Clamshell cases available at

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    Original MOTU MOC Clamshell cases available at

    Hello Everyone,

    The wait is over for the pre-orders. They are available on the site under the protective case section. The result is incredible for these. These have the feet like mentioned and can encompass the entire line of figures A/B cases.

    Cases will be 4.99 each. Every 20 cases gets you 5 free. Sick huh!! I will try to keep this trend even for the MOTUC line. Why go acrylic when you can get 5 acrylic cases for the price of 25 Zolocases LOL!!

    Due to this being a prototype case, the hang tab is not shown.

    Stay Tuned for what is to come!!

    Again, the cases will be offered through

    The original shipping date was going to be in mid March. The actual date may be the beginning of Ending of march to beginning of April. The revisions pushed it back a bit. I wanted these to be awesome.

    Pre-Order yours as these will move very fast.

    hope to see you there!!

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