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    POP MOCs have a larger card than MOTU. They will not fit the Standard A B case.

    Quote Originally Posted by sathomaso View Post
    hi, your cases definitely look quite cool.

    is the material you used "acid/dissolver/resolvent-free" (or the exact term is)?

    you know for example when you buy protective comic-bags the plastic is usually free of any chemical that would affect the paper over a longer period of time. and even with these bags, it's recommended to change them every 5 years or so to prevent damage to the comic.

    i am just concerned about the print on the card. especially where it's in contact with the plastic-case.

    please let me know if you have any info!

    oh and another question i have is:

    can you please post a pictures (different angles) of a case standing upright?
    i would be curious to see a picture from the side, of how much the case is tilted forward.
    does it hopefully not fall over?

    maybe it would be a good idea to add some extra "standee-feet bubble extension" to the bottom.
    like for example the european dragstor moc or italian scare glow or ninjor moc has ... these mocs stand almost perfectly upright, and don't fall over.
    here is what i mean, check the bottom of the bubble:

    After thinking about it, I am going to add a bump to allow these to stand upright. I really like the idea of displaying the carded figures that way.
    I will let everybody see this soon!!
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