Hello everyone. The revised "b" cases will be shipping real soon. I am down to my last few cases on the pre-orders. I do not believe that this case will be available outside the pre-order stage. For those have pre-ordered, you will get a confirmation E-mail real soon when these are on route to you. If you haven't already pre-ordered, please do so, as these will not be back until around 3rd Q 2010.
The deluxe cases are moving fast as well. After the questions I have had, I want to clear up that this case will fit all the Deluxe figures I.E. DB Skeletor, TP He-Man, TC Skeletor, DB Skeletor, LP He-Man, LS Skeletor and N/A figures as well.

The MOTUC cases are back in stock and have shipped to everyone who has pre-ordered. If you have not received your cases, please contact me and it will be straightened out.

Thanks again my friends