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    Quote Originally Posted by jmb410s View Post
    Please let us know how this is coming along! I will need at least 30 of them!!

    Also are the new MOTUC cases getting ready to ship?
    Yes, The MOTUC style cases are now shipping. Get these cases before they are go on back order!

    You can check out the shipping calculator on the site for all overseas orders. We still have some loose cases in stock so do not miss out!!

    Please check out for more details!

    For the Holiday Season, Zoloworld will be giving a discount of 5% on you entire order. Just enter coupon code zoloholiday at the checkout screen and you will see 5% taken off your order. This discount is for the entire store! Remember to enter the code when ordering! Thanks again for the support!!

    Update: some news for next year:

    We are planning on making several new cases next year. The first is our long anticipated revision of our 200x case. This case will have more room and allow for all the figures to fit. We realised that our initial release of this case did not allow for any manufacturing packaging errors like skewed bubbles, longer cards ect. The new case will allow for any of those flaws. We originally released the 200x case as a one shot limited edition case, but from fan feedback we WILL be bringing that case back. The revision process takes a bit of time, as we want to make sure that it will fit all the figures.

    Another case we are looking into doing is a "b" style loose figure case that will allow for some extra depth and height without changing the look all that much.
    We will still carry the "a" style cases for all that needs them as well.

    Another case we are looking very seriously at is for the large carded Orko / Queen Marlena MOC. This case will be form fitting just like our MOTUC style cases. Because of the material needed to do this case, we will need some feedback to see if there is interest in it.

    We are always trying to our cases cost effective. Some of these new cases will take more material than previous, but we will work hard to make them affordable for people that need them.

    Thanks as always for the support and stay tuned. If you want to stay up to date with all of our products, please visit our facebook page at
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