The artist who did the first rendering (first pic in Post #1) has a compelling characterization in his rendering, which makes that version my favorite. I'm not married to the Filmation version, personally.

MGM: I didn't say winged women; it's beautiful angel women that do not seem like warriors. And the fact that she is considered a Queen in the Filmation storyline makes her even less likely to be wielding an axe!

Starshine: I have absolutely NO idea how the 4H are going to do Angella, or any of the POPs. If they lean too far in the direction of "honoring the original figure", then they could possibly be too girly for the MOTUC.

Two must-haves for Angella:
1. Must have a facial expression like Teela's, calm and serious.
2. The wings should not be pink, and they should be able to spread out.

The rest I can handle. I'm not sure if people are staunch, rabid fans of that Filmation version, because she is RADICALLY different from the original design.