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Thread: MOTUC Orko Design

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    I love the "O" in his chest, and love the wand. The 200X was my favorite version of him, and if MOTUC can make one like it, minus the severe bad case of the mystery blue runs, I'd be a happy camper. A completely clear and removable stand would be great.

    Yeah, Orko, you should probably go see the doctor for that...

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    Orko should have his 'classic' design, with the same upper body articulation as the other classics figures. I'll never understand why smaller figures (and sometimes bigger ones) get cheated in the poseablility dept. in so many toylines. Lazy toymakers i guess...
    He should come with a wand & removeable medallion. Also a removeable clear stand to allow him to 'float'.
    maybe make the 'O' a bit smaller, but not too much. Have Orko be slightly smaller than the vintage figure, but not too much smaller. since the rest of them are now bigger, Orko wouldn't see so giant anymore. I certainly don't want Orko to be 2'' tall, that'd be too small.

    Pack him with Adam or Cringer (or kowl) & that'd be great. for $20 and a smaller figure, he'd better be just as articulated as the rest of the figures in the line. well the upper body any way, since orko basically has no lower body. an unmasked head would also be a bonus. after 20+ yrs, i'd love to know what he looks like. I'll never understand the reason for the whole 'covering your face 24/7' thing. does he sleep with his hat on? take a bath with his hat on?

    As far as which Orko toy I think is better.... I like the vintage toy more than the 200x one. The ripcord feature is damn fun.... the 200x one just basically does nothing but sit in a preposed state. to me that ruined the figure...outstanding design, but a figure stuck in basically one pose is boring. I like figures that are playable & can move in a variety of poses.

    As far as which Orko i like better as a character, I'd go with the filmation one. The myp one had a horrible annoying voice, & was nothing like the orko i liked as a kid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Shokoti View Post
    That's why "today's standards" suck. You can't just have a magician with an O on his shirt, it has to be an O-shaped necklace for it to make any "sense". Everything has to be explained to death these days(the reason why Batman's costume has ears is explained in Batman Begins, Wolverine's origin is given a ongoing comic series, Boba Fett and Darth Vader's detailed origins ruined the characters for many). There doesn't need to be an explanation for everything.
    I agree with some of your points. i don't see why Orko having an 'O' on his chest is any different from Superman having the 'S' on his chest. Maybe if every motu character had the first letter of their names on their chests it would be annoying and reason for discussion. but since he's the only one, I don't see why some fans have a problem with it.

    what i don't agree with though is that everything doesn't need explaining. yes, they do, to an extent. To have a character with no backstory is lazy & uncreative imo. Batman became a much more fascinating character, to me, after Batman Begins. i needed to know why anybody in their right mind would run around dressed as a bat to fight criminals. the whole concept of batman was a very dumb one to me before that movie came out. a beter question is why nobody in gotham can recognize it's Bruce Wayne. (How many other billionaires are in that city who can afford that high tech gear? Same with Superman, all he does is take off his glasses, change his clothes & nobody can tell he's Clark Kent? are all the towns people in superhero world idiots?)

    Wolverine will be a much more interesting character (to me) once his new movie comes out & I see his origin, which should have been explained better in the X-men movies to begin with. right now, to me, he's just another one of those many indestructible superheroes with amnesia, no background story & nothing more.

    Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter (hannibal rising), Leatherface (TCM the beginning), Micheal myers (rob zombie's halloween) & so many others have become much more interesting characters imo, once their origins were presented in a way that made good sense. Some of them I was not a fan of till i saw their origins, & then I had alot more respect for them.
    Darth Vader became 100x better, to me, once i knew his full origin story. before he was just another guy in black wearing a mask. yippee! boba Fett, to me, was always just an 'ok' character, his origin made him a bit more than just another background character imo. to me, knowing where they came from never 'ruins' a character, it only makes an otherwise bland character into an interesting one.
    And i do believe every character should have a full backstory that makes 'sense', or what's the point or their existence? just to make a character that nobody knows anything about, much less cares? I don't call that a character, but merely an idea.

    Today's standards don't suck, they force writers to be more creative, and actually put some thought into their creations, rather than just the standard 'he's a good guy with this power', good enough, easy way out. Call it a day. Any character/comic/franchise that's expected to be taken seriously should have some thought put into it in terms of story.

    I think with Orko, it's pretty obvious why the 'O' is there; he's named Orko & has an 'O' on his robe to signify his name.
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