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Thread: How much is the shipping on the Mattycollector website?

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    How much is the shipping on the Mattycollector website?

    I'm just curious because I want a few of the characters (the 3 She-ra's, He-man, Skeletor, Swift Wind, Sorceress, Catra, and Hordak).

    But I'm broke at the moment (Christmas shopping sucked up my wallet). Maybe when I get money next time.

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    Shipping is like 10-15 bucks.

    Also I'd at least get Catra, Adora and Sorceress now since this might be the last of the stock, the rest can be bought year round.

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    It depends where they are being shipped to.
    Most wanted Filmation style MOTUC figures:

    Hunga the Harpy, Webstor, Kobra Khan, Leech, Grizzlor, Mantenna, Rattlor, Catra Cat Form, Ram Man, Count Marzo, King Miro, Twiggets, Frosta, Kothos and Admiral Scurvy.

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    Shipping varies depending on weight, country, shipper, etc. You can always go through the checkout process and find out.

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