So I received my package today with the Goddess of Wonder figures and I'm noticing something unusual about the figure on the duplicate "Purple Storm" card that rhea and I weren't sure about.

She is definitely supposed to be "Lyra" as I can see a light pink heart on her face (it's much lighter than the one on the figure Darkspecter posted earlier in the thread), but the thing is her hair is completely white from what I can tell.

It doesn't match "Spectra's" at all.

And not super curly like Darkspector's figure or as depicted in the graphic at the top of the card for this character. More like a wave.

Moreover, even though she is on a "Purple Storm" card, the plastic bubble is a different shape than the other "Purple Storm" card. The one with the correct figure matches what is on LadyAngora's site. The other is a "Starena" bubble on a "Purple Storm" card.

I don't know if this is some sort of variation, prototype or what. Definitely seems to be an error card though.

I'll examine her more closely later. I'll pull her out from where the bubble was sliced open on the top/side.


Now that I'm giving everything a second glance, I'm seeing that all 4 plastic bubbles are actually uniquely shaped. Starena's is similar to Lyra's so I thought they were the same at first.

So to clarify -- Lyra's unique bubble was used on the incorrect (Purple Storm) card.


Scan of the back of the card.

The fashions are intended for the following characters:

#1 Starena Fashion
#2 Spectra Fashion
#3 Lyra Fashion
#4 Purple Storm Fashion
#5 Starena Fashion
#6 Spectra Fasion

3 of these are shown on LadyAngora's site in the following order:

#6 Spectra
#2 Spectra
#5 Starena