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Thread: Presenting The Sands of Time part 2:Sandra and Shehara + Round 13 Poll! (Pics inside)

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    Presenting The Sands of Time part 2:Sandra and Shehara + Round 13 Poll! (Pics inside)

    Well it was a long wait but hopefully it was worth it. Sandra fit in too well with other characters I had had going for me not to do something special. So I decided instead of a normal medium sized bio I would do a multi- chaptered and semi illustrated fan-fic. In part one we read of Charmor and how he got his powers and came across a magical temple. To read part one click here!

    Now in Chapter 2 we will meet two new characters: Sandra and Shehara. I hope you enjoy it as I worked really hard on it. So now presenting:

    Sorceress of the Sands of Time

    Part 1: Sand Storm

    Sandra was born into a tribe of wandering desert nomads that lived in Eternia's Sands of Time. Her life was pretty ordinary as it followed a rather consistent routine. However, one day Sandra's life was tipped upside down. Sandstorms were nothing new to her tribe, but on this day the storm was fiercer than any Sandra had experienced. Sandra was out alone gathering cact-pods so that her tribe would have fresh water for their journey the next day. When the storm began and with the strong sand-filled winds blowing in what seemed like every direction Sandra was unable to make it back to her tribe and became separated. She decided to find shelter and wait out the storm.

    The next day Sandra attempted to reconnect with her tribe, but was unable. She wandered for days looking for them, using every technique she could think of to discover which direction they had gone. Unfortunately the storm had blown away any evidence of their having been there. She feared the worst; that they may not have survived, but decided to search on. After a few days, water parched and hungry Sandra came across a huge temple. It looked empty and Sandra decided to see if she could find something to eat or drink inside.

    As Sandra approached the Temple she noticed a huge white beast sleeping next to it as if on guard. The creature was mostly white with a grayish snout and finger shaped flaps of skin hanging from its nose. Its body was lanky and with its short legs it walked close to the ground. The beast was similar to the animals her tribe hunted however this one was much much larger. In fact, it looked to be about two stories in height, five if standing on its hind legs.

    If it was anything like the little ones she had come in contact with this was a feat it was likely capable of. This one however, looked as if it might be some less evolved Preternian ancestor, though how that could be Sandra didn't know. Luckily she was well versed in dealing with these animals and was able to slip into the temple undetected. As she entered the temple something strange occurred. Almost immediately Sandra felt her belly fill and her hunger pass. She touched a finger to her dried lips and felt them hydrate and her mouth moisten. Having never experienced anything like it Sandra became excited about what other wonders this Temple might hold and began to explore it further.

    Part 2: The Temple of...

    Many doors lined the stone corridor however, all of them were locked. After awhile Sandra found herself outside two giant doors. Next to them was a decorative horned Mask hanging on the wall. A chill ran up her spine as she looked through the black eye sockets. She was certain that these doors would also be locked, but she decided to try them anyway. Sandra was shocked to find that they opened with the slightest touch and she found herself standing in the entryway of what looked to be the temples main sanctuary.

    It seemed to have been deserted for a very long time. As she looked around, she saw that all along the walls where large alters filled with jeweled and gilded artifacts. Just what had Sandra found? If she brought just one of these things back to her tribe they would be able to trade it for enough goods to last a generation. As she approached the nearest table something caught her eye far in the back of the sanctuary. Not knowing why Sandra felt compelled, but determined to find out, she changed direction midstep and headed toward the back of the room. She found, hidden amongst much more elaborate and dazzling items, a small gold scarab carving. In comparison to the things around it, it was rather plain but Sandra felt drawn to it. She reached to pick it up.

    In the back of her head she thought she had heard a man's voice call out to stop her, but the item was intoxicating and she couldn't break from picking it up. Immediately upon touching the artifact Sandra noticed the Scarab began to turn black, the scarab then flew from her hands and into the air and then back toward her, smacking her in the chest. Startled, Sandra grabbed at it in vain, only to find that the scarab had bitten her and attached itself directly to her skin. Sandra clawed at the small insect crying out in pain as panic began to set in. Suddenly she noticed that her fingertips were beginning change, first they took on the texture sand, then slowly they began to grind away into smaller sand particles as they lost form and fell to the floor. She watched helplessly as her hands disappeared, then bit by bit the rest of her body began to soften. Sandra watched in horror as her arms and legs fell into a coarse pile of sand, and eventually the rest of her followed.

    A few moments later the creature Sandra had passed earlier roared… however as nothing more than a pile of sand on the ground Sandra was unable to hear it.

    Part 3: Meanwhile, Charmor!
    (If you remember from Charmor's bio he had entered the Sanctuary just before Sandra was turned to sand and witnessed the whole thing.)

    Charmor, stood there for a moment taking in what had just happened wishing he could had saved the poor girl. He started walking forward again passing by the pile of sand that used to be a girl and saw that the scarab had once again turned to gold and fallen neatly in the center of the pile of sand. He raked his foot through the dust and nudged the scarab across the stone floor, not quite sure what h was looking for, but hoping the young girl might somehow still live. For a flicker of a second he felt the presence of someone but looking around the room saw no one. He shrugged it off and continued looking for the final pieces of Ramak's charming tools.

    He found them in the back of the large hall on a table that was completely covered in dust. If not for the large snake emblem on the wall behind the table Charmor would have never noticed them. Brushing away the dust, he found that the chest armor was completely mirrored. He could see his reflection in every part of it clear as day. He quickly put it on and then grabbed the other artifacts: two swords.

    They were beautiful and ornate… suddenly he heard movement from behind him and he swung around.

    A haggard slow moving old wretch of a woman stood there pointing a boney finger at him. "Who is stealing my precious items."

    "These items belong to the royal family of my kingdom, I am merely retrieving them,” he explained.

    "No.” Said the woman, “No, I think not."

    Charmor decide to just ignore her and leave; she hardly seemed capable, or quick enough, to stop him. As he walked past her she whispered to him "Not a very wise idea my child." He continued to ignore her and was nearly to the door when he glanced back to see the old woman playing with the pile of sand. He hesitated, curious to see what she was doing and watched as she pulled an hourglass from her cloak and filled it with the sands left on the ground. She then picked up the scarab and fastened it to the top of the item and turned to him.

    Without warning she let go of the hourglass. Charmor tightened for a moment expecting the metal to crash and bang against the stone floor, but it did not. Instead it hovered there for a moment in mid air and then slowly turned itself over. He watched as the sands from the top section of the hourglass began to rush into the bottom and at the same time a wind blew into the room and rushed around the old woman. Within moments the old woman was no longer an old woman, She stood up and was quite tall and let her newly shimmering robes fall to the ground.

    Part 4: ...Shokoti!

    "I am Shokoti!" The woman explained, "and you have something that is mine. Return it at once."

    The woman was definitely Gar, and beyond beautiful. Confidence exuded from her and Charmor quickly decided that it was best to avoid a scuffle with this witch and attempt to flee. Unfortunately, the doors in front of him slammed shut before he could get to them. He was trapped. Charmor slowly turned to again face Shokoti and as he did he thought he noticed a figure to his left but whatever he thought he had seen was no longer there. He shook it off and focused his attention back on the threat before him.

    "Just what did you think you were going to do?" Shokoti said as she stepped toward a nearby alter, "take my precious things? Naughty. You will however make a good snack for our friend outside, and your heart, well I'm sure I can find a use for your heart. "

    The blue skinned witch picked up a small orb from a jeweled box on the alter and whispered something inaudible to Charmor's ears. A moment later the orb began to shimmer and glow in a green light. "Your heart has many uses to me." Shokoti continued "I think the most pressing however is securing my beauty. A few bites of your heart for my scarab friend here and that insolent girl's fate will be sealed and I will be young again for another hundred years. "

    Charmor braced himself for attack when suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and voice whisper in his ear. "You must smash the hourglass!" Charmor looked around but found no one there. "What kind of trickery is this" he called out to Shokoti.

    "I don't know what you are talking about," she replied "perhaps the Sands of Time have gotten stuck in your ears. Now come to me boy and be my feast."

    Charmor has an idea and he slowly approached Shokoti subtly pulling his cloak around his body to conceal the armor he had put on earlier. He noticed light spilling into the room from a broken pane in a window. If he timed it right, the mirrored armor should reflect and blind Shokoti just long enough for him to get in an unexpected attack. About a foot away from Shokoti, Charmor opened his cloak and his plan worked. The reflection of light did in fact blind her for a moment; however, her reaction was to blast Charmor away from her with a powerful bolt of electricity. Luckily as he fell backward he was smart enough to slap the hour glass from Shokoti's grip, sending it smashing to the floor.

    Shokoti shrieked as she watched her hourglass, which also happened to be the source of her new found youth, break into a few hundred pieces.
    "What have you done?" The witch cried out. Just then Charmor noticed the sands that had spilled from the hourglass onto the floor were beginning to fly up into the air. They formed a sort of sand cloud and slipped behind Shokoti whom didn't seem to notice the event as she was too busy watching her body slowly turn back to its older more decrepit self.
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