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Thread: Multi-Bot in MOTUC

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    Multi-Bot in MOTUC

    Modulok announced at SDCC 2013! So this will be left here for Multibot.

    Two questions here - first do you think that Modulok and Multi-Bot will be like their predeccor - able to pull to pieces?

    The 2nd question is should they come with removable plug in horde insignia. I could never understand why they never had the Horde symbol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerbeast View Post
    Two questions here - first do you think that Modulok and Multi-Bot will be like their predeccor - able to pull to pieces?

    The 2nd question is should they come with removable plug in horde insignia. I could never understand why they never had the Horde symbol.
    Please let Modulok be the first Horde Figure, i wait for that beast since 1988!

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    Man would I love an updated Modulock. And he would have to be pull apart, that's what was so fun about him.
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    Modulok and Multibot would make excellent BAFs! As for the questions…yes they should be pull apart and yes they should both have the Horde insignia.
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    Yeh, modulok & multibot would be awesome to see updated. Probably won't be the first Horde figures though. I'm sure they'll do Hordak & the others first.

    As far as them having the horde symbol, i think they should stick closely to the original designs. modulok wasn't originally part of the horde (in the storyline, at least), he joined up later; & multibot was his creation so he belonged to modulok not the horde. That's the only reason I can come up with for why they didn't have the horde symbol.
    The same could said for kobra khan & blast attak. They're part of the snake men, but don't have the snakemen symbol.

    but, yeah, the modulok & multibot figures should be able to come apart & rearrange (or combine) like the original figures. I'd love to see both of them back, & with the added articulation of the MOTUC, they'd be even more poseable than ever! The only other thing I'd change with those two would be to bulk them up a bit so they don't look so scrawny next to the other figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerbeast View Post
    Two questions here - first do you think that Modulok and Multi-Bot will be like their predeccor - able to pull to pieces?
    I do very much hope so!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerbeast View Post
    The 2nd question is should they come with removable plug in horde insignia. I could never understand why they never had the Horde symbol.
    Please, PLEASE NOT!! They never had one, never needed one and hopefully won't get to have one as far as I am concerned. But that's just my opinion...

    Modulok is my favourite MotU-figure! I'm so looking forward to get him - not any time soon though I suppose...

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    Modulok is my favorite as well. Unfortunately, from the latest Q & A- it sounds like he might be a long way off (he and Multi-bot would probably require a lot of retooling/ new sculpts). *sigh* Which is a shame- seeing as how the two of them haven't been revamped in any form yet for a long while.

    For some reason it seems like I remember seeing a prototype image or drawing of a 200X MOTU toy that was called Multi-bot (not produced of course)- but it was totally different from the original toy/ wasn't a character really- seemed more like a hodgepodge of weapons that could be assembled together as a toy or disassembled for use by other characters. Does anyone else remember seeing this printed somewhere?

    *amended note: ahh- found a pic of the Multi-bot... thing. Looked more like a rendering in a computer program, with an early prototype as well. looked nothing like the original- but am glad I wasn't imagining things.
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    Modulok and Multi-Bot would be awesome, I can see these figures as BAF sets.

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    I would like to see both, but I am sure that they are only going to show up further down the line. I do't particularly care if they don't have a Horde symbol on their bodies. Whether they're with Hordak or not, they don't need tagging. Skeletor's goons didn't wear badges or anything, and Modulok seems to like going his own way at times.
    I do like the idea of them being Build-A-Figures. Perhaps they could make them available that way first, and then sell a box-o-parts later at for anyone who missed out.
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    For Multibot I would like the original design (who's told Filmation?)

    For Modulok I would a muscle-pumped body, not like a bug
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    MOTUClassics MODULOK! They started making him already...

    Just looking at the pics from the NYCC and I noticed the DCU Parademon's legs! They're the same as the ones on the classic Modulok's legs!

    Could it be...? It begins...
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    At least it's fun to think like that

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    I can only dream....
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    I thought the same thing when I saw that pic too! Would be a slick way to built the "parts library...."

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    personally, i'd rather them be more on the line of a full-figure rather than a bunch of puzzle pieces - i think they should have some removable parts, but much more minimal than the 80s versions... especially if it comes down to a question of whether or not they can even include either character in the line.

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    modulok & multibot figures are probably not going to have the swappable parts option like the original toy in the 80s cuz its an action feature. that is fine with me as long as modulok & multibot comes out.

    a stander ed figure with two heads (like too-bad) & four legs (like mantenna) with the tail would look fine.

    they can re use too-bad's body for the two heads for modulok & the four legs of mantenna to save on re tooling.

    what do you all think?

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    give me as many Hordesmen as friggin possible!!

    Id LOVE to see what the 4H could do with this

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    We'll leave this thread for Multi-Bot. The Modulok discussion continues here:
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    Support articulated, non-interchangeable part versions of Modulok and Multi-Bot!

    Okay, so I read in another thread that versions of Modulok and Multi-Bot likely won't happen for MOTUC because of all the interchangeable parts. Well, I figure that interchangeable parts are an action feature, which this line doesn't include for the most part. Why can't highly articulated MOTUC versions of the "main forms" (the large form pictured on the front of the original packages) of these figures be produced somewhere down the line? Seeing as the line has been successful enough for MOTUC Battle Cat to come in 2010, and there's been talk of possibly including Tytus and Megator, why not articulated single form versions of Modulok and Multi-Bot as deluxe figures? How could MOTUC ever be complete without these figures? Post here if you think this (or something similar) is a good idea, or if you have other Modulok/Multi-Bot suggestions for MOTUC. We need these figures!!!

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    The Matty guys just said that they are not going to make a Modulok right away because of the budget and the reuse of parts. Who knows what will happen later if the line is still going strong. I'm still hoping for a Two-Bad figure.

    I think Mattel should just make Modulok a C&C figure. Have it where the next 7 figures would have 2 pieces of Modulok. I don't know the budget plan Mattel has with MOTUC, but I know if they make Modulok or Multi-bot, he would quickly sell out like the rest of the MOTUC figures have done.

    I also think people would have a bigger incentive to buy multiples of figures if they include pieces of him in figures. As a kid, I bought 2 Moduloks because I wanted a cooler figure.
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    I have mix feelings about that C&C Modulok. I wouldnt mind if Matty did that but at the same time I dont plan on collecting all the the figures (I am an evil type of guy: Evil warriors, horde snakemen) So I would hope if they would do him that way that they would put him in with evil characters only. We will have to wait and see what they do.

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    I always hated how skinny the Modulok toy was. If they do a MOTU Classics Modulok, I hope they use the standard body as the base. If they did, he wouldn't require 100% new parts!...They could sell him individually "filmation" look, and then all the other parts could be Build A Figure parts (Arms & Legs) with other figures....

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    YES, we definitely need Modulok and Multibot !
    But PLEASE, no "build a figure" stuff ! We already have such difficulties to buy the next coming figure... so can you imagine the madness to get a completed "BAF" ???

    It seems to me that it is absolutely possible to have Modulok and Multibot ! The 1980's versions had no action feature, and the limbs just needed to be clicked into place.

    I would be VERY angry if Mattel decided not to produce them, since it would show some more bad will on their part !

    Didn't the guys from Mattel say that they wanted to SATISFY the fans ? Well, if they really do, then they MUST produce Modulok and Multibot !
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    Quote Originally Posted by LORD FALLEN ELDOR View Post
    They could sell him individually "filmation" look, and then all the other parts could be Build A Figure parts (Arms & Legs) with other figures....
    I second that. And Multibot probably be displayed in the bubble as 2 figures! BAF parts could be convention exclusives as well or something...
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    was just dusting my mantenna and realized that if MOTUC mantenna has 4 independently articulated legs, his pelvis could be reused for a 4-legged modulok...

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