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Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

1. Mattel originally stated that every precaution would be taken to insure mint on card collectors would be taken care of and that the items would be shipped with the highest regard to condition. But fans are still receiving items that are poorly packaged, with items arriving in poor condition as a result. What is being done to correct this?

2. Many fans still do not receive confirmation notices from Matty Collector upon placing an order, and they don't seem to be going into Spam/Junk filters. What can Mattel do to resolve this?

3. Mattel previously said that once a first run MOTUC figure sells out, a "2nd printing" figure would be issued with a slightly modified packaging so the figure would always be available. Now Mattel has stated that once a MOTUC figure's stock is depleted, it will be retired and possibly return with modified paint ops later on. This sounds like bad news for new and existing fans who will want these figures. What happened?

4. The Matty Collector site is not featured among Mattel's online shop links on Mattel's official site, and MOTUC has no info represented in Mattel's products directory. Why is this?

5. Matty Collector's order Checkout is not using secure internet protocol page (https). When will this be fixed for the security of fans and collectors?

6. Now that MOTUC has a few figures under its belt, is Mattel seeking brick and mortar support for the line? Or will it always remain online at Matty Collector?

7. What has Mattel done, if anything, in the way of testing to insure the MOTUC figure joints will remain tight and posable over time?

8. Due to the action pose inside the packaging, many fans received a He-Man with a warped leg. What are Mattel's plans in regards to posing inside of the packaging to help insure future figures don't suffer from this same problem?

9. Fans were told that Mattel was looking into a way to prevent the plastic molding from being as hard/stiff as what we saw on King Grayskull, thus allowing the fans more posing options. But with the release of He-Man, we see this has not yet changed. What are Mattel's plans in this regard?

10. If later figures in MOTUC feature the same legs (eg: like Clawful and Skeletor in the original MOTU line), will there be any way to make the legs interchangeable like in BAF (Build-a-figure) figures?

11. Will there be a limit on Faker at NYCC, and what are Mattel's allocation plans (percentage of Fakers at NYCC VS percentage of Faker's available online) to help that insure fans who can't attend the show will be able to purchase it via Matty Collector?

12. With the trend in toys now leaning towards smaller figures in the 3.75" scale, is this something that will happen with MOTUC or future MOTU-based lines?

13. With talks of Entertainment Rights selling off properties, is there any hope of Mattel buying back the MOTU, POP and NA cartoon and licensing libraries?

14. In the interest of wide-spread advertisement of MOTUC, has matty considered mentioning the Matty Collector site during one of their "CARS" commercials being broadcasted on national television?

15. To help continue to build excitement, could Mattel post some galleries of "work in progress" type photos each month here at or on Matty that include shots of concept sketches for an upcoming figure, the 4H at work sculpting, or even figures getting painted at the factory?


So ask those questions!