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Thread: So...who's getting two Teelas? One for Teela and one for The Goddess?

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    I'm getting 2 Teelas, but 1 to keep MOC and 1 to display loose. I won't be making any into the Green Goddess.

    If you meant the regular Goddess, I'll have to wait until I see her in her snake armor gear to make that call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Two different characters, man! Haven't you read The Tale of Teela?
    Oh really?!

    So you're waiting for a Teela that is re-released named as the "Goddess"?

    Ohhhh maybe that's a variant in the packaging!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Multibot View Post
    that's the way i see it too. The goddess is nothing more than an early version of the Sorceress imo. I'd rather thave the Sorceress, than another character that looks identical to teela

    But I do VERY much want The Green Goddess.

    And I'm almost positive it's been stated that Teela WILL come with her original Snake-Armor.
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    If Teela comes with two heads (one red and one blonde) then yes, I will buy 2 and use one as the clone Sorceress/Goddess.

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    Would you buy a figure of this female?

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    I hope she comes in snake armor. Does anyone know if the sdcc exclusive will be available on Matty? If they do a Goddess fig, I think we, the real fans, should have the ability to get her.
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    Confident that a Goddess figure is forthcoming at some point, I will only buy one Teela when she comes out. But I really really want both!
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