It's been sooooo long since I've heard anything on this project...

Dante Tomaselli *just* did an interview with where he talks a bit about the Alice, Sweet Alice remake:

You have a cousin who made a pretty popular horror film quite a few years back. Was he one of your influences?

Yes ...Alfred Sole's ALICE, SWEET ALICE. It's one of my biggest influences. I was just talking to Alfred on the phone a little while ago. He's definitely been a mentor throughout the years. I'm not sure how much he realizes it. We can both relate to each other very well, especially as cult filmmakers. Plus, he's family...blood. We've been planning a remake of ALICE, SWEET ALICE. I am directing, scoring and cowriting. Alfred is Production Designer. He doesn't want a producer credit, he just feels strongly that he has to be the Production Designer. That's great for me and should comfort ALICE, SWEET ALICE fans, because we can have faith that the sets will come from the imagination of the original director. Also, ultimately he has to give his blessing on the screenplay. That's when financing will come together. Only then. He should approve it and be satisfied with it. Some others have tried to write the screenplay but they have failed. There has not been a satisfactory screenplay yet.

Michael Gingold...managing editor of Fangoria Magazine is my writing partner. We are currently writing a remake that is faithful to the original. I know I want to have the ever present...almost subliminal ...Catholic iconography intact. Alice is still a Bad Seed type girl. And her sister, Karen, is a beautiful, spoiled princess. Jealousy between sisters...intact...The remake should have the same New Jersey Paterson type settings as the original. Of course there should be a centerpiece church ...Rectory...Paterson apartments, creepy
abandoned buildings, the Paterson Falls...It will be a faithful remake, in
my hands. Plotwise, probably the only thing that will be different
is...after the brutal stabbing of Alice's Aunt Annie, Alice is sent to a strict all girls Catholic Boarding School. The film is in development, but it's coming...