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Thread: WTFWTK 2.152 - Ask your questions here!

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    WTFWTK 2.152 - Ask your questions here!

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    This past round of questions were selected by degra.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. oolala: In MOTUC, all female characters are all built on the Teela body, which is pretty Amazonian and very different from the more slender Filmation looks of these characters. Keeping them on this already existing sculpt would not be very Filmation accurate. So in the upcoming He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation line, can we expect an updated, more Filmation accurate body for the Filmation ladies with high heels and narrower waists? This could be a good way to correct / refresh some of the earlier figures with disappointing loincloths.

    2. tumalu: Would Mattel consider releasing an 'armor pack' as a fix for the figures affected by the 'bloated armor syndrome'? Not all of these figures with bulky armor are worth a 2.0 release and not everyone has the skills to fix the armors by themselves. So an armor pack would help in solving the bloated armor issue for many characters.

    3. notaniceboy: Will we ever get a MOTUC Fisto re-release? If not, how about a Fisto repaint release?

    4. blackiecats: Given that he would be a 100% new tooling, will we ever get a figure of Dylamug? And if so, would he be an over-sized figure or not?

    5. guy-dude: Now that the 2015 "road-map" has been completed, is there a new one? If so, how far does it go and how was this new road-map decided?
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    Will we see more of the vintage-style Classics He-Man head released in the future (the second head that came packaged with Oo-Larr)? For many of us that is the "real" He-Man head, and it would be great to get more chances to get it to use on all our He-Man variants. Not to mention we need a blue version for Faker!

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    Due to the overwhelmingly negative fan reaction to the photos shown at Grayskull Con in Germany, has any thought been given to doing a PROPER Teela figure again specifically for MOTU Classics down the road, or are we stuck with what a majority of customers feel is a botched, cheap attempt at a long-awaited Teela 2.0?

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    Battle Armor Faker is the only figure in Mattel's official checklist poster which was never released on MOTUC card; the figure was also very difficult to get in the US, and almost impossible to get for international buyers.
    Will Mattel consider a BA Faker official release in the MOTUC line, so that we could fill that hole in our collection? It would be the same rationale behind the re-release of the Spirit of Grayskull figure, afterall.

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    Items like the Talon fighter of Battle ram are not easy to sell mostly due to high costs. Why the quality control seems not to be applied to items like these and figures coming with ? (worrying not to get vehicles in the future loke Roton)

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    Once again. What is the cost going to be on the Talon Fighter and PD set?

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    I am really looking forward to seeing some 200x variants like: Captain or King Randor, Evil-lyn, Sorceress, Tri-klops, Skeletor, Squeeeze. Since these had more unique looks can we expect to see any of these sooner than later? We need these Variants!

    PS... not having the ABC GIANTS, Queen Andreeno, Pyroah, Miro and Hawke is killing me. Tuvar and Baddhra and pretty popular too!
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    You've stated that the Collectors Choice subscription passed with 175% of needed subs. How does this compare to the 2015 Club Eternia and recent minisubs like Club 200X and Club Etheria?
    Most-wanted MOTUC: Granita - Hunga the Harpy - The Melog - Dylamug - Sprag, Sprocker and Spritina - the Twiggets - King Ahgo - Filmation Grizzlor, Mantenna, Leech, Modulok and Multi-Bot

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    Q: Throughout the Classics series, fans have seen the deaths of several important characters. Any future plans to resurrect any of those characters?

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    Is there a chance we can see a Fisto and Stridor pack and a Jitsu and Nightstalker pack for those fans who maybe didn't hit either when they were originally released?
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    Since we have: Battle Cat/Panthor Zoar/Screech Stridor/Night Stalker (I think it's a given) will we see a good version of the Gygor character (Whole new character?) (Red) It makes sense

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    In the early stages of the paint masters or during the design process, what type of research is being done and what better measures can take place to ensure the colors on a character is as accurate to the source material as possible? Sometimes it's too late for fans to offer feedback when a color is off the source material. ie. Dragstor ended up with a black torso when the vintage version was blue, Frosta had gray instead of white. Sometimes they are corrected in time due to fan input when revealed early like Extendar and now hopefully Lord Masque.
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    Does Mattel finally have the 1987 movie rights? The official poll features characters from that movie who were previously unavailable.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Can you please buy the remco rights and make the lost world of the warlords in a mini sub?

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    Assuming that the new He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe 2.0 Filmation animated sub passes and is continued in 2017 would the character offerings be just from The Filmation He-Man show or can we expect to get Characters from the She-Ra cartoon also like an accurate Filmation Hordak With His Filmation Bone Armor, Bone Collar, Filmation head and swappable arm to accurate Filmation arm cannon?
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    Club Grayskull Filmation most Wanted Characacters:

    Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Horde Trooper, She-Ra, Prince Adam, Stratos, Modulok, Multibot, Ram-Man, Whiplash, Webstor

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    Darius Figure Including Action Feature?

    Since the original Darius figure was dropped due to a non working action feature, wouldn´t it be cool if the new figure would actually
    have a real working action feature like it was supposed to be, with the rotating arm and the swinging mace?

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    Will we still be getting the 2 mini comics that were promised with the Club Eternia subscription Laser Power He-man and Laser Light Skeletor 2-pack?
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    Has Matty given any consideration to a Sub that would be called the All-in, or all-inclusive sub? Honestly I want whatever you are selling as it relates to MOTU. What I don't have is time for finding chase figures, con exclusives, early access and stuff like that. I work and I cannot shop from work. I would love it if I could just buy a sub for everything released in a calendar year and you ship it to me. Simple.

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    Is it possible a Snake Mountain map/blueprint could come with the Snake Mountain playset,maybe like a bonus for pre-ordering it early,like Castle Grayskull did with it's bonus poster of all the MOTUC figures. I think this would be the next best thing,since a map wasn't announced for the upcoming Collector's Choice Subscription.

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    In the new 2016 Filmation Sub, will we continue to see alternate heads packed in as accessories?

    If so, will 'Filmation Evil-Lyn' include her alternate helmut-less head?

    This has been a great feature of the MOTUC line that fans would love to see more of. Future figures in 2017 like the Sorceress would also benefit from a Kuduk Ungol head to maximize appeal and differentiate her from the previously released figure.
    Last edited by Yogopop; September 22, 2015 at 11:10am. Reason: Added images
    1. Starburst She-ra (vintage toy variant)
    2. Hunga the Harpy
    3. Gold God Skeletor (movie skeletor)
    4. 200X Evil-Lyn
    5. Lady Slither

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    A few months ago, He-man fandom was really enthusiastic about the new management. Since SDCC, a number of perceived missteps (including the King Hiss Torso, the promised EA for SDCC not being given, a disappointing Teela reveal, a perceived lack of transparency, etc, and now the hanging question of whether international subscribers will even get the LL figures) appear to have done serious short-term damage to the relationship between fandom and the new management.

    Is this issue taken seriously by Matty and will any steps be taken to win back our trust?
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    What are the chances that we will see Illumina make it into the line?
    I have finally returned from Despondos.

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    few months ago, everyone was very happy about the reveals, claims and announcements made at SDCC.. Since Then, a lot of issues have gone pushed aside (King Hiss Torso, SDCC early access, and a talon fighter and teela reveal that has disappointed a vast majority.. it was you who said transparency, but we have been left hanging with questions as to how these issues are being dealt with.. I subbed this year.. And I am from the UK.. Will I even get my laser light figures? as well as having to pay for an extra King hsss and its extortionate shipping to the uk? Complaints have been rubbed out online, and ignored.. In a very short time, a lot of faith in this line has been lost.
    My one question is.. Please can you tell us all something you are planning to do about these problems and how you're planning to make better on all that has been promised and stated from you?
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    Are there any plans to offer Night Stalker's purple helmet (originally released with a vintage variant), either packed with the robot horse itself or released as part of a weapons pak?
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    Will there be figures available for purchase day-of-sale in the HATMOTU Filmation line, or will the figures be sub-only?

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