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Thread: The Origin of Skeletor's Sword of Destruction

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    The Origin of Skeletor's Sword of Destruction

    Alright this is my first thread so I thought I would start with something that has bugged me since I got into MOTU in the 80's when I was a kid and was almost answered by the 200X cartoon: THE ORIGIN OF THE SWORD OF DESTRUCTION! (also I had to add the other 2 swords origins to help my story make sense)

    This post is not for haters of the 2 or 3 sword theory, so please don't get nasty or vulgar. Also webmaster(moderator) if the thread is too much trouble you have the right to erase it. Ok lets get started, I will go first.

    I think that there were two swords to start with KG's and He-ro's. When both of them died Eldor took the two swords and the Staff of Wisdom and meltted them down. He then forged the Three swords making one the Sword of Power, 1 the Sword of Protection, and the 3rd the Sword of Peace. The first two were given KG's and He-ro's powers respectively, with the Sword of Protection getting Half of the Jewel from He-ro's staff stuck in it while the metal was hot. The Sword of Power was hidden in Castle Greyskull(A Sorceress , probably Veena, was in charge of this not necessarily the Sorcercess), while the other half of the Jewel was taken to Etheria to grow the Crystal Castle, Crytsal Falls, and start life on Etheria(Light Hope who was human at the time charged wtih this task). Once the Crystal Castle was up the Sword of Protection was Hidden in it until it could be sent to Eternia to find it's owner. As for the third sword(The purple one) it had no powers just made of super strong metal and hidden in the Hall of the Ancients(Palace Eternos) until a King could be found.

    1000+ years later, Captain Randor was brought before the Ancients to be made King of Planet Eternia, unlike his father who was just King of the land of Eternos. The sword was to be presented to Randor as a symbol of his rule(Purple is usually used as a Royal color). Then came the attack by his half-brother Keldor which was a distraction for HIS master Hordak. Keldor got the face full of acid and Hordak took Adora. Meanwhile no one was paying attention to the Sword of Peace, so someone stole it. Keldor reteated to Eternia's dark half with his men and Hordak left Eternia for Etheria.

    Then the Mystic wall was raised. As for who(whom?) took the sword, I believe it was Mer-man (He has a history in a lot of the books and toons of stealing swords of power). Anyway, he hid it in his pool in Snake Mountain and when no one was loking try to make it do something. Skeletor found out, thanks to one of Tri-klops doomseekers no doubt, and beat the tar out of Mer-man till he gave it up. Since the Mystic Wall was up for 16 or 18 years he had plenty of time to study it and learn how to channel his magic through it.

    After the wall came down and after he saw He-man's sword. Then he learned that the Ancients made it and where going to give it to Randor, he figured it must do something important. Then he found out it could open Castle Grayskull with the other Half and the Vault of Knowledge with all three pieces. He tried/has tried to get the other swords but of course there are obvious obstecles(I.E. He-Man, She-Ra, Hordak, King Hsss, and The Comet warriors).

    That is my origin, lets here yours and also I liked to comments and critisim on my story. Thank You for your time and keep it clean please.
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    That sounds pretty good! Where did you get the origins for Crystal Palace / Falls? Did you make that up?

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    So is it actually being called the Sword of Destruction these days? Personally, I was always happy enough with it just being one half of the Power Sword...

    The Crystal Castle/Crystal Falls origin idea was quite interesting.

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    I gotta say, i like your story. It makes since and it fits into the MOTU Timeline
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    who needs a sword of destruction when you have a ramstaff. My skeletor's swords are still in the package, he only holds his staff. But cool origin man.
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    That's a pretty cool story. I must say that I don't care for the idea that the swords can be melted down. I feel that as mystic weapons; they should be indestructable by any conventional means, but being that they are magical weapons they should be capable of changing forms and the like. I think I still perfer that Skeletor's sword is the dark half of the Power Sword. As far as He-Ro and King Grayskull, I hope that King Grayskull had the Sword of Power independent of He-Ro, and I hope He-Ro's sword goes on to become the Sword of Protection. Just my two cents.
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    My Power Sword Theory...

    A lot of us has wondered, how are we going work the tech sword and the two half swords in our personal stories...

    This is a theory I came up with.

    During the battle against Hordak, King Grayskull used the full power of the "Sword of He" (given by He-Ro) to send him and his army to another dimension. Through the process Hordak was able to take a piece of Grayskulls life force with him. It was then that Hordak received one of the "secrets of Grayskull... how to create a power sword" In Despondos, he used the light of Grayskull to create a shadow... and with his magic he created the Sword of Darkness. Hordak swore one day to use the other half of the sword to enter Castle Grayskull.

    Thousands of years later, Hordak become impatient in being released from Despondos. So he sent the Sword of Darkness to his pupil, Skeletor, on Eternia to use it to get into the Castle and use its power to release Hordak.

    Skeletor was impressed with the swords power and planned to get rid of He Man once and for all! As He Man's sword and Skeletors sword clashed, a light shined and they both knew that each of them needed both halves to acheive balance and the full power of the "Sword of He".

    Both swords became unstable to use and there magnetic power wanted to be as one. So the Sorceress and Man at Arms created a tech sword made out of Eternium to emcompass He Man's power sword inside. There the power would be harnessed and Adam could still become He Man, until He Man could obtain enough control to bring the two halves together.

    The Levels of the "Sword Of He's"power...

    With He-Ro, the power has infinite, able to control time and space.

    With King Grayskull, the sword became physical, and the swords power could only be released with one true person that could handle the responsibility. While it still held great energy, it lost the full ability over time and space with the death of Grayskull, the transfer of power to the Elders and the creation of the sword of darkness.

    With He-Man, the original power sword still had great energy, but within the tech sword, was only able to turn Adam into He Man. Only while the tech sword is open can the true Power Sword's energy be released. This power was used to defeat Serpos, a Snake God that tried to destroy Castle Grayskull.

    Only when the two halves of the Power Sword and the Orb of Power can the full potential of the Sword of He rise again!

    What do u guys think?
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    Answers to Some Questions

    1)The original swords may have been made from super metal as well as the Staff of Wisdom but I think Eldor, who is a great wizard, could have mystically forged the swords not just used regular fire. Also so the sword could have a bit of both KG's Muscle and He-Ro's magic in them. Mostly KG's Muscle in the Sword of Power and Mostly He-ro's Magic in the Sword of Protection.

    2)I think Skeletor in the story line would have probably called it the "Sword of Destruction" because he is evil and some bad guys do that(i.e. Golum from LOTR calling the Ring his "Precious").

    3)I half made up the Crystal Castle/Falls origin, She-Ra's sword had a crystal in it and He-Ro's staff had one on top of it. Plus in nature Crystal grow naturally into larger crystals over time and these were both Magic Crystals.

    4) At lot of this I can thank to a Toyfare article(issue #143) where Emiliano and Val explained how they where going to clear up a lot of the mysteries in MOTU/POP in the MVcreations comics and the 200X cartoon.

    5) As for The tech sword, I just go by M@A's current Bio

    6) As for the Mer-Man Elements of my story I got the Idea's from "The Sword of Skeletor" golden book, the "He-Man and the Power Sword", and "Battle in the Clouds" mini-comics as well as some Filmation and 200X episodes. He was always stealing something for Skeletor or hiding something he stole.

    7) And the final bits are from my own personal storyline which I use and has almost come close to tying everything together from Filmation, Marvel(Star) comics, The Mini-comics(both pre and post Prince Adam), and the 200X/NA/1987 movie storyline, as well as any other books and media.

    One of these days I may also put forth my Origin on The Talon Fighter and Point Dread(this is a teaser).

    And People like I said before I want to see your Origins for this Thread and comments and critisim for each others work, we may even solve a few things. Thank you.
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