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    The Power Pals

    Something that I came up with as a mickey-take / homage to certain DC characters (see if you can guess who is who?)

    using the Marvel Power Grid I have placed under each character how they stack up in terms of power. Below is a guide to what each number on the grid represents


    The ability to think and process information
    1 = Slow / Impaired
    2 = Normal
    3 = Learned
    4 = Gifted
    5 = Genius
    6 = Super-Genius
    7 = Omniscient


    The maximum ability to lift (press) weight over one's head (under optimal conditions)
    1 = Weak: cannot lift own body weight.
    2 = Normal: able to lift over own body weight, up to twice own body weight.
    3 = Peak human: able to lift over twice own body weight, up to 800 lbs.
    4 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 800 lbs., up to 25 tons. This range includes "enhanced human" (800 lbs to 2 tons), Class 10 (2 tons to 10 tons) and Class 25 (10 tons to 25 tons).
    5 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 25 tons, up to 75 tons. This range includes Class 50 (up to 50 tons) and Class 75 (up to 75 tons).
    6 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 75 tons, up to 100 tons.
    7 = Incalculable: Able to lift in excess of 100 tons.


    The ability to move over land by running or flight
    1 = Below normal
    2 = Normal
    3 = Subsonic Superhuman: peak velocity below Mach-1 (approximately 760 miles per hour)
    4 = Speed of sound: peak velocity between Mach-1 to Mach-2
    5 = Supersonic: peak velocity between Mach-2 to Orbital Velocity approximately 17,000 mph)
    6 = Speed of light: peak velocity up to 186,000 miles per second
    7 = Warp speed: transcending light speed or a teleporter(instantaneous travel)


    The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
    1 = Weak
    2 = Normal
    3 = Enhanced
    4 = Regenerative
    5 = Bulletproof
    6 = Superhuman
    7 = Virtually indestructible


    The ability to discharge energy
    1 = None
    2 = Ability to discharge energy on contact
    3 = Short range, short duration, single energy type
    4 = Medium range, medium duration, single energy type
    5 = Long range, long duration, single energy type
    6 = Able to discharge multiple forms of energy
    7 = Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy


    Proficiency (skill) in combat
    1 = Poor
    2 = Normal
    3 = Some training
    4 = Experienced fighter
    5 = Master of a single form of combat
    6 = Master of several forms of combat
    7 = Master of virtually all conventional forms of combat


    AWESOME-LAD / Chris Trent

    Awesome Lad, aka Chris Trent, is an alien from Boron. His father was the superhero called Captain Awesome (he has since retired) who wishes for his son to follow in his heroic footsteps. Chris would love nothing more than to make his father proud and to be the hero his father wishes him to be, the only problem is that he is an extreme coward and has a very long list of phobias which many view as kind of ironic because he is next to impossible to harm and if he is can heal faster than a certain adamantium clawed mutant we all know.

    On earth he uses a special hologram watch that allows him to appear human so he can attend school where he meets and befriends several other super powered teenagers and forms "The Power Pals"

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Super Speed
    * Flight
    * Super Durability
    * Healing Factor
    * Super Hearing
    * Super Sight
    * Heat Vision
    * Frost Breath
    * Able to breathe in outer space

    Adult Borons also have the ability to shapeshift on earth but Awesome Lad will not gain this ability for at least 10 earth years (which happens to be exactly the same as Boron years)


    * Boronite - Radioactive rocks found on his home planet of Boron that have somehow found their way to earth much to the puzzlement of the Boron Race
    * His many phobias

    __________________________________________________ _____

    RATBOY / Luke Payne

    Luke Payne is the genius son of billionaire inventor Xander Payne, young Luke decided to take up a life of crime fighting after suffering a few weeks of bullying at his school. Taking inspiration from his pet rat Max, Luke used his inventive genius to design a new superhero persona for himself complete with an array of gadgets and a secret base known as the "Rat Cage"... shame his fighting skills leave a lot to be desired. He meets and befriends the new kid Chris Trent and through a series of mishaps discovers Chris's super secret. So Luke suggests they team up to fight villains and so "The Power Pals" begins to form

    Powers & Abilities

    * Genius Intellect
    * Inventive Genius (his various toys that he invented have already made him a multi-millionair in his own right)


    * Poor fighter

    His power stats are based on him utilizing his specially created Rat Suit

    __________________________________________________ _____

    MOUSE / Rick Mason

    Ratboy's annoying little half-brother by his mothers second marriage. Ratboy is still not sure how a little idiot like Rick could have discovered his secret but he has. Now the little tyke wants to be part of the "game" and has decided to join in by wearing a halloween costume that his mother bought him.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Very imaginitive
    * Brave


    * His age

    __________________________________________________ ______

    POWER PRINCESS / Donna Carter

    Donna Carter is heir to the thrown of the Amazons and the latest in a long line of superheroines known as Power Princess. Princess Donna was expected from birth to be a fighter of justice and defender of good. Instead she would rather spend time chatting on her phone, myspacing and flirting with boys. She was sent to Gothtropolis High where she met and befriended Chris Trent, Luke Payne and Harry Eastman aka Awesome-Lad, Ratboy and The Rush. Even as a member of the new Power Pals group she still spends more of her time doing her hair than saving the day, despite this she can be counted on to be there when the time comes

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Flight


    * She in not invulnerable
    * Bad hair days
    * Her cell phone

    __________________________________________________ _
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    THE RUSH / Harry Eastman

    Young Harry Eastman gained the ability to slow down time to a crawl (without it affecting him) when he unkowningly activated and got hit by a beam from an experimental time travel / wormhole device that his father was in the process of creating. He quickly learened that this gave him the power to slow time down around him which gives the illusion (from everybody elses point of view) that he is moving at superhuman speeds. Eventually he was approached by Ratboy and asked to join "The Power Pals"

    Amazingly because of his ability to move at super speeds, Awesome Lad is somewhat immune to Harry's power tho it does slow him down to moving at average human speed

    Powers & Abilities

    * Ability to slow time down


    * While he appears to move at super speed he is in fact moving at normal speed, it is the rest of the world that has slown down. This means he doesn't have the stamina of more famous speedsters

    __________________________________________________ ___

    RED SHADE / Lyle Gordon

    The son of Mark Gordon, a famous television archaeologist and paranormal investigator, Lyle joined his father on an expedition in South Africa to a newly discovered ancient temple that Mark thought might contain proof of alien existence. Lyle fell into an antechamber where he stumbled upon a pair of red sunglasses. He quickly discovered that whatever he imagined the small red gem in the middle of the glasses would make real. The problem is Lyle is not well known for his imagination, it took him three weeks to decide what to call his dog... he finally decided on Dog.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Can create solid constructs using his special sunglasses
    * Flight (via sunglasses)
    * Force Field (which allows him to survive in space and underwater)


    * He doesn't have much of an imagination

    His power stats are based on him utilizing his Alien Sunglasses

    __________________________________________________ _

    FISH BOY / Mort Norris

    Mort Norris is the prince of Atlantis. He joins the ranks of the Power Pals to prove to his father that he is indeed worthy of one day being King by performing heroic acts. The only problem is that he is allergic to humans and he smells of rotten fish so his team mates like to stay far away as possible from him. To help him fit in at school Awesome Lad gave him one of his spare Holo-Watches so that Mort could appear human

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Can breathe underwater


    * Allergic to humans
    * Needs to be kept moist

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    These are hilarious . Nice job

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    Win! I also like how awesome lad recalls "Ambush Bug" more than a little.
    Signed by-- ME!

    Did I ever grow up? Probably not. I'm sure the day-glo socks gave it away anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Latveria View Post
    These are hilarious . Nice job
    Ta, the idea was for them to be funny

    Quote Originally Posted by Machinitess View Post
    Win! I also like how awesome lad recalls "Ambush Bug" more than a little.
    Glad you like him. Ambush Bug hmm? well when I designed AL I didn't have AB in mind...but yeah I guess he does a bit

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    I really like these! I thing my favorite is Red Shade!

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