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Thread: The Power Pals

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    The Power Pals

    Something that I came up with as a mickey-take / homage to certain DC characters (see if you can guess who is who?)

    using the Marvel Power Grid I have placed under each character how they stack up in terms of power. Below is a guide to what each number on the grid represents


    The ability to think and process information
    1 = Slow / Impaired
    2 = Normal
    3 = Learned
    4 = Gifted
    5 = Genius
    6 = Super-Genius
    7 = Omniscient


    The maximum ability to lift (press) weight over one's head (under optimal conditions)
    1 = Weak: cannot lift own body weight.
    2 = Normal: able to lift over own body weight, up to twice own body weight.
    3 = Peak human: able to lift over twice own body weight, up to 800 lbs.
    4 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 800 lbs., up to 25 tons. This range includes "enhanced human" (800 lbs to 2 tons), Class 10 (2 tons to 10 tons) and Class 25 (10 tons to 25 tons).
    5 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 25 tons, up to 75 tons. This range includes Class 50 (up to 50 tons) and Class 75 (up to 75 tons).
    6 = Superhuman: Able to lift over 75 tons, up to 100 tons.
    7 = Incalculable: Able to lift in excess of 100 tons.


    The ability to move over land by running or flight
    1 = Below normal
    2 = Normal
    3 = Subsonic Superhuman: peak velocity below Mach-1 (approximately 760 miles per hour)
    4 = Speed of sound: peak velocity between Mach-1 to Mach-2
    5 = Supersonic: peak velocity between Mach-2 to Orbital Velocity approximately 17,000 mph)
    6 = Speed of light: peak velocity up to 186,000 miles per second
    7 = Warp speed: transcending light speed or a teleporter(instantaneous travel)


    The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
    1 = Weak
    2 = Normal
    3 = Enhanced
    4 = Regenerative
    5 = Bulletproof
    6 = Superhuman
    7 = Virtually indestructible


    The ability to discharge energy
    1 = None
    2 = Ability to discharge energy on contact
    3 = Short range, short duration, single energy type
    4 = Medium range, medium duration, single energy type
    5 = Long range, long duration, single energy type
    6 = Able to discharge multiple forms of energy
    7 = Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy


    Proficiency (skill) in combat
    1 = Poor
    2 = Normal
    3 = Some training
    4 = Experienced fighter
    5 = Master of a single form of combat
    6 = Master of several forms of combat
    7 = Master of virtually all conventional forms of combat


    AWESOME-LAD / Chris Trent

    Awesome Lad, aka Chris Trent, is an alien from Boron. His father was the superhero called Captain Awesome (he has since retired) who wishes for his son to follow in his heroic footsteps. Chris would love nothing more than to make his father proud and to be the hero his father wishes him to be, the only problem is that he is an extreme coward and has a very long list of phobias which many view as kind of ironic because he is next to impossible to harm and if he is can heal faster than a certain adamantium clawed mutant we all know.

    On earth he uses a special hologram watch that allows him to appear human so he can attend school where he meets and befriends several other super powered teenagers and forms "The Power Pals"

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Super Speed
    * Flight
    * Super Durability
    * Healing Factor
    * Super Hearing
    * Super Sight
    * Heat Vision
    * Frost Breath
    * Able to breathe in outer space

    Adult Borons also have the ability to shapeshift on earth but Awesome Lad will not gain this ability for at least 10 earth years (which happens to be exactly the same as Boron years)


    * Boronite - Radioactive rocks found on his home planet of Boron that have somehow found their way to earth much to the puzzlement of the Boron Race
    * His many phobias

    __________________________________________________ _____

    RATBOY / Luke Payne

    Luke Payne is the genius son of billionaire inventor Xander Payne, young Luke decided to take up a life of crime fighting after suffering a few weeks of bullying at his school. Taking inspiration from his pet rat Max, Luke used his inventive genius to design a new superhero persona for himself complete with an array of gadgets and a secret base known as the "Rat Cage"... shame his fighting skills leave a lot to be desired. He meets and befriends the new kid Chris Trent and through a series of mishaps discovers Chris's super secret. So Luke suggests they team up to fight villains and so "The Power Pals" begins to form

    Powers & Abilities

    * Genius Intellect
    * Inventive Genius (his various toys that he invented have already made him a multi-millionair in his own right)


    * Poor fighter

    His power stats are based on him utilizing his specially created Rat Suit

    __________________________________________________ _____

    MOUSE / Rick Mason

    Ratboy's annoying little half-brother by his mothers second marriage. Ratboy is still not sure how a little idiot like Rick could have discovered his secret but he has. Now the little tyke wants to be part of the "game" and has decided to join in by wearing a halloween costume that his mother bought him.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Very imaginitive
    * Brave


    * His age

    __________________________________________________ ______

    POWER PRINCESS / Donna Carter

    Donna Carter is heir to the thrown of the Amazons and the latest in a long line of superheroines known as Power Princess. Princess Donna was expected from birth to be a fighter of justice and defender of good. Instead she would rather spend time chatting on her phone, myspacing and flirting with boys. She was sent to Gothtropolis High where she met and befriended Chris Trent, Luke Payne and Harry Eastman aka Awesome-Lad, Ratboy and The Rush. Even as a member of the new Power Pals group she still spends more of her time doing her hair than saving the day, despite this she can be counted on to be there when the time comes

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Flight


    * She in not invulnerable
    * Bad hair days
    * Her cell phone

    __________________________________________________ _
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    THE RUSH / Harry Eastman

    Young Harry Eastman gained the ability to slow down time to a crawl (without it affecting him) when he unkowningly activated and got hit by a beam from an experimental time travel / wormhole device that his father was in the process of creating. He quickly learened that this gave him the power to slow time down around him which gives the illusion (from everybody elses point of view) that he is moving at superhuman speeds. Eventually he was approached by Ratboy and asked to join "The Power Pals"

    Amazingly because of his ability to move at super speeds, Awesome Lad is somewhat immune to Harry's power tho it does slow him down to moving at average human speed

    Powers & Abilities

    * Ability to slow time down


    * While he appears to move at super speed he is in fact moving at normal speed, it is the rest of the world that has slown down. This means he doesn't have the stamina of more famous speedsters

    __________________________________________________ ___

    RED SHADE / Lyle Gordon

    The son of Mark Gordon, a famous television archaeologist and paranormal investigator, Lyle joined his father on an expedition in South Africa to a newly discovered ancient temple that Mark thought might contain proof of alien existence. Lyle fell into an antechamber where he stumbled upon a pair of red sunglasses. He quickly discovered that whatever he imagined the small red gem in the middle of the glasses would make real. The problem is Lyle is not well known for his imagination, it took him three weeks to decide what to call his dog... he finally decided on Dog.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Can create solid constructs using his special sunglasses
    * Flight (via sunglasses)
    * Force Field (which allows him to survive in space and underwater)


    * He doesn't have much of an imagination

    His power stats are based on him utilizing his Alien Sunglasses

    __________________________________________________ _

    FISH BOY / Mort Norris

    Mort Norris is the prince of Atlantis. He joins the ranks of the Power Pals to prove to his father that he is indeed worthy of one day being King by performing heroic acts. The only problem is that he is allergic to humans and he smells of rotten fish so his team mates like to stay far away as possible from him. To help him fit in at school Awesome Lad gave him one of his spare Holo-Watches so that Mort could appear human

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Can breathe underwater


    * Allergic to humans
    * Needs to be kept moist

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    These are hilarious . Nice job

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    Win! I also like how awesome lad recalls "Ambush Bug" more than a little.
    Signed by-- ME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Latveria View Post
    These are hilarious . Nice job
    Ta, the idea was for them to be funny

    Quote Originally Posted by Machinitess View Post
    Win! I also like how awesome lad recalls "Ambush Bug" more than a little.
    Glad you like him. Ambush Bug hmm? well when I designed AL I didn't have AB in mind...but yeah I guess he does a bit

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    I really like these! I thing my favorite is Red Shade!
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    Was bored so decided to do something new with these guys

    Now on to the Villains

    Prince Bleak

    Prince of the planet Katacklism. His father, King Drear, is an universally feared galactic dictator who has conquered many worlds with his tremendous strength and the powerful bolts of energy that he can fire from his eyes called the Alpha Beams. Bleak has decided to show his father that he can be just as evil by travelling to earth to conquer it in the name of Katacklism. With strength and durability to rival Awesome Lad's he soon becomes one of the Power Pals biggest foes.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Durability
    * Can breathe in space
    * Beta Beam - a half as powerful version of his fathers Alpha Beam that he can fire out of one eye


    * Allergic to brass
    * Prone to mood swings and temper tantrums which invariably lead him being sent to his room by his ever present (and to him, annoying) nursemaid 'Nanny Badvibes'

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    The "rat cage", and Mouse?!? Lol, I love it!! Great work!
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    well nice to see someone likes them

    ok here is villain number 2


    A super smart robot created by an alien race on the other side of the universe thousands of years ago he was originally intended to travel the entire universe and compile data on everything he saw. But something went wrong with his programming and instead of simply learning and moving on he began to assimilate all the high tech weaponry and device he found into his own body before destroying the entire planet.

    He has now found his way to earth

    Powers & Abilities

    * Genius level intellect
    * Robotic body means he never has to eat or sleep and doesn't need to breath
    * vast array of alien weapons
    * Force Field Generator


    * Water - While his self repair system will eventually fix him a quick dunk in a large body of water (enough to cover his entire body for about 20 seconds) can deactivate him for about an hour.
    * Lack of memory space - His creators thought the entire universe consisted of the 300 planets they could see through their telescopes so they only gave him a limited amount of memory. He has basically filled up his hard drive so now whenever he learns something new something gets deleted and he seems to have no control over what files are erased. This can lead to a problem when it is his latest plan to conquer the earth that is deleted while he is in the middle of putting said plan in motion

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    I like Rat Boy. Funny character.

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    here is a new character to join the heroic ranks

    Bug Boy

    Stanley Ditko is the son of of of Englands top Entomologists and is quite knowledgable on the subject himself. His father had been working with insects that had been exposed to high levels of radiation to see if he could learn how they survived such an ordeal so that it could possibly be used to make humans just as tolerant. While helping his dad move a few live specimens Stanley slipped and dropped the the tray of glass jars they were in. For reasons that only fate knows these irradiated insects immediately attacked Stanley, biting and stinging him over thirty times before his dad was able to spray them with a fast acting insect repellant.

    Some time later Stanley discovered that the bites from these irradiated insects gave him special insect like powers tho he needs to eat a vast amount of sugar to keep his energy up. He made himself a costume and began to secretly fight crime as The fantastic Bug Boy.

    Bug Boy is not an official member of the Power Pals as he lives too far away to go to any meetings (they are in the USA and he is in the UK). However he has been known to fly over and help on occasion and vice versa

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Wall Crawling
    * Flight - Via insect like wings he can grow and retract from his back
    * Heightened Durability
    * Night Vision
    * Poisonous Stingers - Which he can fire from the back of his hands
    * Immunity to insect toxins / venom / poison


    * Highly allergic to insect repellant and other bug sprays

    Oh and here is the first few pages of a script I have been working on for them


    PANEL ONE: Establishing shot of the interior of the Rat Cage, a large cavernous room with an immense computer on one side and a large exercise wheel attached to a wall. In the middle of the cage we can see three of the Power Pals, Awesome-Lad Rat Boy and Power Princess.

    CAPTION: The Rat Cage. Power Pals HQ

    RAT BOY: All you have to do is touch it. It's not going to hurt you Chris.

    PANEL TWO: Closer on the three heroes. Rat Boy is holding a small snake up to Awesome-Lad's face which is causing the small green alien to look terrified. Power Princess is in the background talking on a cell phone.

    RAT BOY: It can't hurt you. You're...

    AWESOME-LAD: But Luke, mother said...and it looks like a Skidillian Space Snake from home and they...

    POWER PRINCESS: She never. He never. Oh my god send me the video. I am so going to put that on Youtube.

    PANEL THREE: Mouse has entered. He is looking at the snake which Rat Boy is holding. Awesome-Lad still looks terrified.

    RAT BOY: At home you may be vulnerable to snake bites but here. Here you're Awesome-Lad, nothing can hurt you

    AWESOME-LAD: But it looks just like...

    MOUSE: Cool a snack. Can I stroke it?

    PANEL FOUR: Rat Boy looks shocked to see Mouse standing next to him.

    RAT BOY: It's a snake not a snack

    RAT BOY: Wait a second how did you get in here?

    MOUSE: Mummy says you got to let me play heroes as well.


    PANEL FIVE: Rat Boy is sat in front of an immense computer. On the screen is an image of fellow Power Pal, Fish Boy.

    RAT BOY: Hey Fishy, what's up? How is your meeting with the Aquatis Prince going?

    Fish Boy (computer): Come quick. Atlantis is under attack.


    PANEL ONE: Rat Boy jumps into the cockpit of the Rat-Plane, a small customized aircraft withe the nose designed to look like a rats. Power Princess is still talking on her phone.

    POWER PRINCESS: Yeah. No. Look I have to go. Fish Boy is in some kind of trouble or something, I dunno what exactly and Rat Boy is like so giving me the eye.


    PANEL TWO: Power Princess holds her phone by the side of her body and is hovering in mid air. Awesome-Lad is next to her looking at the snake which is back in its tank. He still looks terrified.

    POWER PRINCESS: Ok ok I'm coming. Sheesh. You know like it's not as if my call wasn't important. Do you know what Jeff and Mandy did?

    PANEL THREE: Close on the cockpit of the Rat-Plane. We can see Rat Boy's face clearly.

    RAT BOY: I don't really care Power Princess. Fish Boy needs our help not the latest goss


    PANEL FOUR: Wide shot of the three heroes. They are flying in the sky. Rat Boy in his Rat-Plane while Awesome-Lad and Power Princess are using their own natural flying abilities. Power Princess is once again holding her phone to her ear.

    POWER PRINCESS: Slow down I can barely hear you.

    RAT BOY: Look Donna if that's...

    POWER PRINCESS: Oh take a chill pill Ratty. It's Rushy. I think he is like talking about a giant lizard or something.

    PANEL FIVE: Awesome-Lad is flying close to the Rat-Plane.

    RAT BOY: You're being quiet Chris. Anything wrong?

    AWESOME-LAD: I'm not sure. I think I can hear someone shouting my name. It sounds like Lyle.

    RAT BOY: But I thought Red Shade was in New York for the weekend with his folks.

    AWESOME-LAD: Sounds about the right distance away.


    PANEL ONE: Power Princess and Awesome-Lad are hovering above the city. The Rat-Plane is flying away in the distance

    POWER PRINCESS: I'll go with Rats and you go help Red ok Awesome.

    AWESOME-LAD: You mean fly over there by myself? Alone.

    PANEL TWO: Power Princess is flying away towards the Rat-Plane leaving AWESOME-LAD hovering by himself. Awesome-Lad looks absolutely terrified

    POWER PRINESS: Just get over there. With your speed you will be there in less than a minute.

    AWESOME-LAD: Ok. I'll go there then. By myself. All alone. Here I go

    POWER PRINCESS: Hey Rat Boy wait up.

    PANEL THREE: Awesome-Lad is flying away from Power Princess and the Rat-Plane.


    PANEL FOUR: Red Shade is hovering just above the Empire State Building. He is surrounded by a red field of energy. On the side of the building is a massive lizard, fire is spewing from its mouth.

    CAPTION: Meanwhile in New York City...

    RED SHADE (thinking): Ok ok so think Lyle what can I make to fight a giant lizard?

    RED SHADE (thinking): Man I hope Chris heard me. Although one look at this thing and he will probably fly home to his mother.



    PANEL ONE: The giant lizard has turned its head directly towards Red Shade, a small flicker of fire on each side of its mouth.

    RED SHADE: Now just wait a minute Scaley can't we talk about this?

    PANEL TWO: A large ball of flame has erupted from the lizards mouth. A red and green streak can be seen slicing through the fireball.

    SFX (fireball): KATHOOM

    SFX (streak): FWOOSH

    PANEL THREE: The fireball has vanished. Awesome-Lad is now hovering next to Red Shade. Red Shade looks visibly shocked

    RED SHADE: Man am I glad to see you. Any later and I would be charcoal right now.

    AWESOME-LAD: Don't mention it. Now what is going

    PANEL FOUR: AWESOME-LAD is looking directly at the Lizard. There is a look of sheer panic on his face. Red Shade is rolling his eyes with a distinct “I knew this would happen” look on his face


    RED SHADE: I knew I should have tried to contact Ratty.

    AWESOME-LAD: There's a giant lizard. A giant lizard.

    PANEL FIVE: Close up on Awesome-Lad who still looks terrified.

    AWESOME-LAD: I think I just wet myself


    PANEL ONE: The giant Lizard has leapt off the building straight towards Awesome-Lad and Red Shade.

    RED SHADE (thinking): Come on Lyle think of something

    AWESOME-LAD: I want my mommy.

    PANEL TWO: The Lizard is hit with a giant baseball bat.* The bat is made of red light and there is a trail of red light leading back to Red Shade.


    AWESOME-LAD: Can I open my eyes now?

    RED SHADE: What do you mean can you....

    PANEL THREE: Red Shade looks very excited, one fist is held high in the air in a victory pose and a large beaming smile is spread across his face.* *

    RED SHADE: ...Wait I got it.* Chris I know how you can stop the Lizard.

    PANEL FOUR: Awesome-Lad has his back pressed up against a building, still with a terrified look on is face.* Red Shade hovers in front of him with his hands on Awesome-Lad's shoulders.

    AWESOME-LAD: Me stop it?* I was thinking that perhaps we could just ignore it and it may, you know, go away.

    RED SHADE: Look it's just a Lizard

    AWESOME-LAD: A giant fire breathing Lizard.

    PANEL FIVE: Red Shade now as a hold of Awesome-Lad's right arm and is trying to pull him away from the wall.

    RED SHADE: Ok a giant fire breathing Lizard.* But still a Lizard.* We can use your ice breath power to freeze it.


    PANEL ONE: Awesome-Lad and Red Shade are flying through a street in the city

    RED SHADE: Look Chris I promise it'll be fine.

    AWESOME-LAD: You promise?

    RED SHADE: Yes.* Not like it could actually hurt you anyway.* You should be promising to protect me.

    PANEL TWO: Awesome-Lad and Red Shade are now hovering just a few feet above the ground.* A large crowd of onlookers have gathered around them.* The two heroes are facing opposite directions

    RED SHADE: Now have you any idea where I hit that Lizard to?

    AWESOME-LAD: Not yet...

    AWESOME-LAD: ...Oh wait. There it is in Central Park.* Do I really have to do this.

    PANEL THREE: Red Shade is flying past Awesome-Lad.* The crowd has gotten much bigger and police are now trying forming a line to keep the civilians away from the two young heroes

    RED SHADE: Oh just come on before that thing does any more damage


    PANEL ONE: Red Shade is flying ahead of Awesome-Lad who is flying with his hands over his eyes.

    AWESOME-LAD (thinking): Perhaps if I can't see it maybe it will just go away

    AWESOME-LAD (thinking): Damn this X-Ray vision

    RED SHADE: Just hurry up Chris.* You know the faster we beat it the faster you can run and hide in some corner somewhere

    PANEL TWO: Closer up on Awesome-Lad.* A small tear is in his left eye and he is beginning to look upset

    AWESOME-LAD: That wasn't very nice.

    PANEL THREE: Red Shade hands Awesome-Lad a handkerchief

    RED SHADE: I'm sorry Chris it's just we need to get a move on before that thing burns down Central Park.

    AWESOME-LAD: Sniff.* Ok.* Sniff

    PANEL FOUR: Awesome-Lad blows hard into the handkerchief as Red Shade looks on in mild disgust


    RED SHADE: Ok so do you feel better now?* Oh and you can keep the handkerchief
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    Sweet pics of your Power Pals, wolfanger! Can't wait for them to go head-to-head with the Marauders from Marvel!
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    Certainly the coolest power pals ever. I like the heroes. Especially Rat Boy and how angry he is in the group picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post
    Sweet pics of your Power Pals, wolfanger! Can't wait for them to go head-to-head with the Marauders from Marvel!
    Lol thanks. Not sure about them going head to head with the Marauders, don't want to get done for copyright infringement

    Quote Originally Posted by CarKrash View Post
    Certainly the coolest power pals ever. I like the heroes. Especially Rat Boy and how angry he is in the group picture.
    Thanks, I like Rat Boy as well and the reason he looks angry is because...well he is based on Batman and how often do you see the Dark Knight smile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsfang View Post
    Lol thanks. Not sure about them going head to head with the Marauders, don't want to get done for copyright infringement
    Well, if they do go against the Marauders I think that copyright infringement will be the least of the Power Pals problems...
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    "It is not by reasoning or by our understanding that we have received our religion; it is by external authority and command."-Michel De Montaigne

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    Ok here is another new hero

    The Plutonian People Pursuer

    Wanting to join the Plutonian Police Academy so he could be a law enforcement officer like his dad, Jakk Jammz was told that he did not meet the necessary mental fitness requirements to gain entry. Determined to prove everyone wrong he decided to travel to earth and help fight crime there, becoming an unofficial member of the Power Pals.

    He decided to take the name The Plutonian People Pursuer because he thought it sounded important and impressive but his new friends think it is a bit long winded so they usually refer to him as Pluto.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Telepathy - But whoever's mind is being read is able to read Pluto's mind as well
    * Flight
    * Heightened Durability
    * Disguise - Can use his mental powers to hypnotise people into seeing him as he wants to be seen, however it takes so much concentration he can't move or speak


    * Pollen
    * Honey - just the smell of pure honey can weaken Pluto severely


    The Blue Brute

    Tyson (Tyse) Tanner had grown up with a very pushy and domineering father. His dad had failed to make it as a footballer due to a knee injury in college but he was determined to live his dream life through his son, despite the fact Tyse preferred to hit the books rather than the gym. Still Tyse in an effort to keep his father happy did everything his father expected of him. Still it was not enough. Then one day Tyse's dad "aquired" some experimental muscle enhancers and demanded that Tyse take them to ensure his place on the school football team.

    Against his own better Judgement Tyse took a few of the pills and at first nothing happened. Then came the time for Tyse to go to bed. Having had trouble sleeping Tyse had bought some over the counter sleep remedy pills, he swallowed a couple. Somehow the two drugs bonded together and transformed Tyse into a blue skinned super strong being.

    He took the name The Blue Brute (due to his blue skin and brute strength) and decided to become a superhero, sometimes joining forces with the newly formed Power Pals team. The muscle enhancers have permanently altered his DNA so now whenever Tyse needs to become the Blue Brute he simply has to take a few sleeping pills

    Powers & Abilities

    * Super Strength
    * Heightened Durability
    * Super Speed


    * Caffeine
    * Change is temporary and he must take more sleeping pills to stay as the Brute


    Chris Trent

    Alter ego of the cowardly hero Awesome Lad


    Harry Eastman

    Alter Ego of The Rush


    Luke Payne

    Alter Ego of Rat Boy

    ok carrying on from where we left off


    PANEL ONE: Power Princess and the Rat-Plane are flying over the ocean.

    CAPTION: Meanwhile over the North Atlantic Ocean

    RAT-BOY (from the Rat-Plane): Ok Donna I think we should split up here. * You get over to Paris and help Rushy and I'll go see if I can help Fish-Boy

    PANEL TWO: Power Princess and the Rat-Plane are travelling away from each other in opposite directions.

    POWER PRINCESS: Just be careful Luke.

    PANEL THREE: Close up of Rat-Boy in the cockpit of the Rat-Plane. His hand is reaching up to a lever above him.

    RAT-BOY (thinking): I guess it is time to see if the new underwater capabilities I added to this thing are fully working.

    PANEL FOUR: Underwater the Rat-Plane smashes through the surface. A school of fish darts out of he way of the big metal intruder.


    PANEL FIVE: Close up on Rat-Boy. He is now wearing a breathing mask that is designed to go with his Rat-Boy mask making his face even more rat-like.

    RAT-BOY: Ok Fishy lets see if the co-ordinates you gave me for Atlantis are any good.


    PANEL ONE: The Rat-Plane, still underwater, is approaching a large cave. The cave looks dark and ominous. A shark circles overhead as if waiting to strike.

    RAT-BOY (from the Rat-Plane): According to the onboard computer Fishy should be just beyond this cave system.

    PANEL TWO: The Rat-Plane has entered the cave. A strong beam of light shoots from the nose of the plane penetrating the darkness in front of the plane.

    PANEL THREE: Still in the cave a shaft of golden light shines in front of the Rat-Plane.

    RAT-BOY (from the Rat-Plane): This must be it, I've got to be getting close by now.


    PANEL ONE: We are looking at the Kingdom of Atlantis. It is a beautiful city with white marble towers lined with pure gold that reach back as far as the eye can see. The only thing spoiling the view are the three giant Squid laying waste to the kingdom.



    PANEL ONE: Red Shade is stood in Central Park. He has the giant Lizard pinned down under a giant hand he is making with his special glasses.

    RED SHADE (thinking): Now where has Chris gone?

    RED SHADE (shouting): Awesome-Lad if you don't get out here and freeze this thing I'm going to tell your parents.

    PANEL TWO: Awesome-Lad's head is peering over a park bench which he has obviously been hiding behind. He still looks terrified and upset

    AWESOME-LAD: You wouldn't would you?

    PANEL THREE: Red Shade still has the lizard pinned down but the toll is obviously getting to him as he is now covered in sweat and has fallen on one knee.

    RED SHADE: I'll tell the whole universe if you don't hurry up.

    PANEL FOUR: The big red hand holding the lizard down has burst into an explosion of light. The Lizard has it's mouth open, you can clearly see fire at the back of the throat.


    PANEL FIVE: Close up on the Lizard's face as it spews a massive ball of fire.


    PANEL SIX: Close up on Red Shade. He has his eyes tightly closed waiting for the inevitable

    RED SHADE: I swear Chris if this thing kills me I am so going to haunt you to death.


    PANEL ONE: Close up on Red Shade, his eyes are still closed

    RED SHADE: Hmm I thought a fiery death would have hurt more.

    PANEL TWO: Close up on Red Shade, his eyes have started to open. A few small snow flakes are falling down gently in front of him

    RED SHADE: Ok now this is a bit weird.

    PANEL THREE: Red Shade's eyes are now fully open and he is staring at the jet of flame that is no more than two feet in front of him. What is most noticeable is that the fire has been frozen solid

    RED SHADE: What the?

    PANEL FOUR: A wider view of the scene. Red Shade is stood in front of the Lizard which has been frozen solid along with the fire that it spewed from it's mouth in an attempt to incinerate Red Shade. Awesome-Lad is hovering above Red Shade. Snow is fallen all around them concentrated in their small immediate area

    RED SHADE: I..I..I...I never knew you could freeze fire solid like that Chris.

    CHRIS: Me neither. Now can we go home?

    RED SHADE: Later Chris. I think we need to go see if the others need help first
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    This is great! I think you should give drawing a page of it a go!
    Check out my MOTU Spin off comic here:

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    thanks, I may but that means drawing something I suck at...namely backgrounds.

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    I thought you gave up on these guys.

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    nah just with other stuff like Ninja Monkey, The New Vision, coloring pictures...I kinda just forgot about them momentarily

    but for now let's continue


    PANEL ONE: Power Princess is flying over Paris, in the distance we can clearly see the Eiffel Tower. What appears to be a giant lizard much like the one that attacked Red Shade and Awesome-Lad is climbing up the side of it.

    CAPTION: Over in Paris Power Princess has finally arrived.

    PANEL TWO: Closer on the Eiffel Tower Power Princess is now floating just off to the side. The lizard seems to be looking down at the ground where we can clearly see a blue blur called The Rush.

    POWER PRINCESS: Hey Rushy.

    PANEL THREE: The Rush has stopped moving and is looking up towards Power Princess. The Lizard is looming above him with its mouth wide open.

    THE RUSH: Yo Princess.

    PANEL FOUR: A jet of flame has erupted from the Lizard's mouth straight towards the spot Rush had just been standing. Rush however has moved a few feet to the side to avoid the blast which is clearly marked by a blue trail.

    THE RUSH: So where are the others? Or am I not worth the whole teams time?

    PANEL FIVE: Power Princess is closer to the ground now, her feet just about to touch the ground. She is looking directly at The Rush.

    POWER PRINCESS: Chillax Rushy. They would love to be here but this things happening all over the place.

    THE RUSH: What thing?

    POWER PRINCESS: Giant monster attacks, duh.


    PANEL ONE: The Lizard has opened it's mouth again signalling it is about to let loose another jet of flames. The two young heroes have turned their heads towards the massive creature.

    THE RUSH: Looks like Sparky is getting all fired up again. I've been outrunning this thing for hours I am not sure if I can keep it up any more.


    Again a jet of flame hits where the heroes were but the heroes have dodged to the side.

    POWER PRINCESS: Hours? You like only phoned me about one hour ago and I came like straight over man.

    THE RUSH: It may have been an hour for you but...

    PANEL THREE: The Lizard has leaped off the Eiffel Tower and is now falling straight towards the two young heroes. Power Princess is flying up to meet it while The Rush is looking on.

    THE RUSH: ...slowing all this time down has made it feel like hours to me.

    PANEL FOUR: Power Princess has connected with the underside of the Lizard with a massive uppercut punch.


    PANEL FIVE: High above the city the Lizard is soaring over the Eiffel Tower.


    PANEL ONE: Power Princess and The Rush are looking up towards the sky.

    THE RUSH: You sure that was necessary?

    POWER PRINCESS: Like totally. I just hope that gross icky thing hasn't made me break a nail.

    PANEL TWO: A short distance away from the Eiffel tower in a busy street the Lizard smashes down on top of a van hard on its back sending glass and metal in all directions


    PANEL THREE: The Rush is running in the direction of the Lizard a blue streak appearing from his back to show he is using his time slowing capabilities. Power Princess is flying a short distance behind him.

    POWER PRINCESS: So like how you been stopping this thing totally wrecking Paris Rushy man?

    THE RUSH: By keeping it's attention on me of course. With my power to slow time down for everything but me I have been able to keep away from it's attacks.

    PANEL FOUR: The Rush and Power Princess are now standing in front of the van. The lizard is in the process of flipping itself the right way up. A crowd of onlookers has started to gather around.

    THE RUSH: Problem is it feels like I have been running around for the best part of a day. I could really use a rest right about now.

    PANEL FIVE: Close on Power Princess, she looks very serious, her fists raised and ready for action.

    POWER PRINCESS: First we like totally have to take out this overgrown handbag.


    PANEL ONE: Power Princess punches the lizard with a tremendous right hook to the jaw sending the poor animal flying down the street.

    SFX: POW

    PANEL TWO: The Lizard slams into the side of a car causing it to crumple like a crushed tin can.


    PANEL THREE: The Lizard is back on all four of it's feet looking towards Power Princess and The Rush who are running toward it. A small flicker of fire coming out the side of its mouth.

    POWER PRINCESS: Like what is it going to take to get rid of this thing? We can't let it ruin Paris, just think of all the clothes shops that thing will ruin.

    THE RUSH: And the people it could harm.

    POWER PRINCESS: Like totally and them to.

    PANEL FOUR: The lizard has opened it's mouth wide, flames bellowing out.

    PANEL FIVE: A large transparent red hand has clamped the mouth shut.



    PANEL ONE: Red Shade is flying above the Lizard the giant red hand holding the lizard's mouth shut coming from his special glasses.

    RED SHADE: You picked one heck of a time to visit Paris Rush.

    PANEL TWO: Red Shade lands gently next to his two friends. The red hand still keeping a tight hold of the lizard.

    POWER PRINCESS: So where is Awesome? I thought he was with you.

    RED SHADE: He was but he kinda freaked out after we defeated our giant fire breathing lizard so I sent him to help Ratty.

    THE RUSH: Makes sense. Rat-Boy seems to be the only one of us that can get through to Awesome-Lad sometimes.

    PANEL THREE: The three heroes are now advancing on the lizard which still has it's mouth held shut by Red Shade and now looks a little scared.

    THE RUSH: So anyway what are we going to do with this?

    RED SHADE: Well Awesome froze the one that attacked me but seeing as none of us have ice breath we will probably have to think of something else.

    PANEL FOUR: Close up on Red Shade

    RED SHADE: It's just I have no idea what we can do.

    PANEL FIVE: Power Princess and The Rush are looking at Red Shade and are giving him a look that could only be more obvious if they had actually face palmed.

    THE RUSH: Red how on earth does a guy with no imagination end up with glasses like yours?


    PANEL ONE: The three heroes are flying above the city, Red Shade is carrying the Lizard while Power Princess carries The Rush

    POWER PRINCESS: Are you sure about this Red?

    RED SHADE: It's an uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere, the thing can't do any harm there.

    PANEL TWO: The heroes are flying over a large body of water. In the distance we can see an island.

    POWER PRINCESS: But wouldn't it be quicker if

    RED SHADE: Look it may be a giant fire breathing lizard that tried to destroy Paris and everyone that lives there but I am not going to kill it.

    PANEL THREE: The Lizard is now on a sandy beach looking up at the three heroes who are flying high above it.

    THE RUSH: I guess that should keep it out of harms way.

    POWER PRINCESS: I guess. But if it tries to ruin one of my fave shopping places again it is so becoming a new pair of boots.

    PANEL FOUR: The three heroes are now flying away from the island, Power Princess still carrying The Rush.

    POWER PRINCESS: I wonder if Awesome has reached Ratty and Fishy yet.

    RED SHADE: The speed he left I think he probably reached there before I finished telling him to go.


    PANEL ONE: We find ourselves in outer space just above the earth. A huge spaceship looms menacingly overhead. It is a really evil looking ship with lots of sharp pointy edges.

    CAPTION: Meanwhile high above the earth the mastermind of these attacks watches on.

    VOICE SHOUTING (from ship): NANNY!!!

    PANEL TWO: Inside the bridge of the space ship. The crew are all robots of a cheesy 50's sci-fi b-movie style. The only flesh and blood inhabitant is sat in what appears to be the captains chair. It is Prince Bleak.


    PANEL THREE: A large imposing woman walks through a large round door that is big enough to easily allow an elephant to pass through but is very close to being to small for her.

    NANNY BADVIBES: It's just Nanny Prince Bleak dear and there is no need to shout, I can hear you.

    PANEL FOUR: Prince Bleak has spun his chair around to face the incredibly large woman standing a few feet away from him.

    PRINCE BLEAK: Do you know where it is or not? I just had it thirty minutes ago.

    NANNY BADVIBES: Oh I don't know. I put all your little toys away in your toy box.


    PANEL FOUR: Nanny Badvibes is now standing next to Prince Bleak. She has one of his arms in a gentle vice like grip. Prince Bleak doesn't look very happy.

    PRINCE BLEAK: Unhand me at once woman.

    NANNY BADVIBES: Don't woman me young man. It's time for your bath and then it is bed time. Your teddy Mr Snuggly is waiting for his hug.

    PANEL FIVE: Close on one of the robots, it almost seems to be smiling. Just behind it we can see Bleak being dragged away.

    PRINCE BLEAK: But those stupid heroes are defeating my monsters. I don't wanna take a bath. Let me go you I don't like taking baths.
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    i like to think of the power wheels song as the opening to power pals..

    pow-pow-power pals!

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    lol I like it.

    But what do you think of the actual story and characters so far?


    Well unless I have a major change of heart The Power Pals are done for
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsfang View Post
    Well unless I have a major change of heart The Power Pals are done for
    "Wheresoever on earth he dwells, man is prey to two weaknesses: the need to pray and the need to love."-Marquis de Sade

    "It is not by reasoning or by our understanding that we have received our religion; it is by external authority and command."-Michel De Montaigne

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    ok I decided to give the Power Pals one more go so lets see if my interest can last

    GERONI-GROW / Michael Longshadow

    Michael Longshadow is a half Native American teenager who grew up hearing the tales of his ancestors exploits in the wild west. Wanting to be just like them he joined a group of hunters on an expedition even tho he was against killing animals and had never fired a bow in his life. A few days into the hunt a huge storm hit and Michael got separated from the group. As he was searching for them he saw an Eagle in distress on the side of a cliff.

    Michael carefully climbed the cliff until he reached the Eagle and saw that its foot had been caught in some roots. He quickly cut it free but then he lost his footing and fell. Amazingly he survived the fall and slowly he began to wake up. He thought he was dreaming when he saw the Eagle turn into an old Indian Chief but he wasn't

    The Eagle / Indian thanked him and told him that in response to his kindness it would grant him the ability to grow to a great height whenever he wishes.

    Michael decided to use his new power to help fight evil and to defend wildlife from poachers and decided to use the name Geroni-Grow because it just sounded cool.

    The only problem was that his fall has left him with a fear of heights and looking down at the world when he has grown to his full height of 60 feet makes him feel quite ill, that and the taller he became the more his intelligence dropped.

    Powers & Abilities

    * Can grow up to a height of 60 feet


    * Afraid of heights
    * His intelligence drops the bigger he becomes

    Normal Sized

    Giant Sized

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    i like him. is his large form super strong?

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