Here we've finally come across possibly THE biggest underdog ( or would that be under-APE..?) of all of MotU.


He is a giant golden Ape that would work as an alternate steed for He-man and/or the heroic warriors.

He was only revealed about 3 years or so ago, as an unproduced prototype-sketched toy, by Roger Sweet
one of the original managers of the MotU-line back in the day, in his biography: "Mastering the Universe".

This is all of the information available on Gygor:

Quote Originally Posted by Roger Sweet
I changed the ape's body color from black to bright yellow and gave him a dark olive-green face and chest.His face in contorted with white teeth snarling in an open mouth of blood red.I gave him a black body harness.From his shoulders I hung a dark maroon cape."

"When I showed "Gygor" to marketing Mark Ellis said that is ********** great!!!"

"Ted Mayer in my design group created a striking full-color illustration of the beast, with He-Man mounted on his back. Gygor was decked out with a panoply of harnesses and weapons.
Sounds like it could have been pretty damn cool. A third classic animal, after Battle-Cat and Zoar.

Base toy from Big Jim ( he's 8 inches tall)

The rules are as EVER:
All people who choose to participate will have two weeks to come up with a redesign for this
character. You can use any medium you wish. You can sketch, paint, make a 3-D model,
make a sprite, make a custom action figure, whatever you want. Its entirely up to you!

As well, you don't have to force yourself to make your design conform to the new OR OLD cartoon &
comic book's style. Be as drastic in your redesign as you see fit. Whatever makes you happy.
If you can't think of a new design, or just hate the idea of working on this character,
you do not have to feel obligated to participate in this particular challenge.
You will still be free to participate in any future challenges you wish.