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    MOTUC Castaspella Discussion Thread


    Queen Castaspella is one of the closest friends of She-Ra.
    She was taught her magical abilities by a sorcerer called Norwyn, who used white magic. He also tutored Shadow Weaver. Castaspella worked hard for her power but Shadow Weaver was tempted by evil. The two are bitter enemies, but were once great friends, so much so that Castaspella knows enough that she can pre-empt any spells that Shadow Weaver may use against the Rebellion. Once Castaspella had achieved her great power, she was deemed suitable to be the ruler of Mystacor.

    When Castaspella sees Prince Adam for the first time she becomes very smitten with him, so much so that she "accidentally" leaves the Pool of Vision active, thereby pulling him into Etheria. Prince Adam also shows a mutual interest in her as well.
    Castaspella, being a sorceress, has many magical abilities at her disposal. She has exhibited powers such as teleportation, materialisation, and transformation. Castaspella has also demonstrated on various occasions her vast knowledge of all things magical and mystical. She also wears a pair of magical discs on her bracelets that can fire energy blasts.

    So guys, who loves her?
    How do you want her to be done, once the 80's toy is so different from the cartoon?
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