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Thread: Do you have a huge He-Man or She-Ra collection, and want to be on TV? Read Me!

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    Do you have a huge He-Man or She-Ra collection, and want to be on TV? Read Me!

    There is a new TV show going into production on a major American channel about American collectors. They are not revealing too many details at this time, but they were involved in the production of a similar program in the United Kingdom called Collectaholics for BBC Two which has been very popular.

    They are focused on collectors in the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York city areas. They are looking for a variety of collectors to film with, including those that have large collections of He-Man and/or She-Ra collectibles, including toys, comics, statues and anything else made over the history of the He-Man and She-Ra brands. The bigger, more interesting and more diverse your collection, the better!

    They would like to hear your story and see your collection. They have two well respected presenters from the antiques and collectable world who can help collectors value their collection or give advice on how to care for it.

    Please click here to contact us at He-Man.Org if you would be interested in being on the show and telling them more about your collection. We will pass your contact information along to the producers!

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    That would be cool, but I live near Philly.
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    Wow what a awesome idea!!! Collectors in the US - Los Angeles, Chicago and New York city areas should jump on this oppertunity!!!
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    Sound like fun, I would to see the show.

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    my message was bounced back to me, are you blocking yahoo??
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