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And also, since the only thing he would need is a new head and weapons, if he does end up using Skeletor's body, does that mean he's close?

This thread was started over four years ago... and yet still, with all of his presumed shared parts... NO NINJOR!!! I would think that 2013 would have to be his year though... maybe October or December's figure? With all the unique tooling required for Ram Man and Mantenna, the few remaining slots seem like they'd have to go to characters that'll be cheap for Mattel to do. I look forward to him... we've yet to have a figure in this line clad in black (Stinkor's the only one I see on my shelf that's mostly black), and the red boots and gloves are sure to be eye-catching. Hoping for demon feet, a maskless head, and nunchucks with an actual chain!