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Thread: Smash Bros Soundtrack Arrival Thread

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    Smash Bros Soundtrack Arrival Thread

    Anyone else register both games to get this bad boy? It's awesome!!!

    I had my doubts about how much I would like it since they really can't scratch the surface of the total songs in the game, but I have to say, it's awesome. I expected it to be an awesome bonus, but not necessarily an awesome set in and of itself, but I am very pleasantly surprised that it is awesome!

    I could see listening to it while grinding/farming on Smash or any other awesome game.

    Now we just wait for Mewtwo.

    I threw Melee in the other day and rediscovered just how cool Mewtwo is, so I'm newly excited to get that bonus as well. If you didn't already know, the 2 disc soundtrack and Mewtwo DLC are both gifts to those who registered the Wii-U and 3DS Smash game by a certain date. The CD offer is gone now, but the window on Mewtwo is open until march 31 if you care to go for him. He's pretty awesome.


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    That is so cool!

    I haven't received mine yet, but it should arrive any day now... I'm glad that it sounds so good! Nintendo usually puts together good exclusives!

    Now I'm anticipating it even more!!

    Speaking of which, I just got my Limited edition Skull Kid figurine in the mail the other day... he is absolutely awesome! Great sculpt, excellent pose, and perfect size for fitting in with my Majora's Mask action figures!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

    **Staunch FILMation lover!!! **** MUST complete the New Adventures Faction!!!**

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