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Thread: Baby Proofing House

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    Baby Proofing House

    Well my daughter just started crawling this weekend. This means it is time to start making the house safe(if that is possible).

    I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions on stuff they liked or disliked when they were doing the same thing. Favorite cabinet latches to electric socket plugs. Any feed back would be great. Thanks for the help.

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    I personally prefer the face plate plug protectors over the ones that slide in the plug itself. It's not a fun moment when your daughter hands you them. The magnetic door locks are great and secure, but they don't fit as great on drawers. Your gonna have to train yourself to get used to the new safety measures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rankinman View Post
    Your gonna have to train yourself to get used to the new safety measures.
    Getting used to the plastic cabinet latches took me about 8 years. Wife wouldn't let me take them off because of nieces and nephews.

    Make sure you really hide cords. They love to pull stuff down on top of themselves. Also ANYTHING on the floor is food. It amazes me how good their little eyes are when it comes to tiny specs on the floor 15 feet away that ABSOLUTEY MUST go in their mouths.

    The only other thing that you might want to remove (if you have them) are door stops. They can pinch themselves with the spring and will pull the rubber ends off to eat.

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    My old house had these weird fasteners on the cabinets - You could open them if you tugged just right, but otherwise forget it. They had no handles on the doors for little fingers to get hold of even on cabinets a baby would have been unable to reach. I am not sure if these were supposed to be child proof or not. Once I got used to them I really did not think about it too much.

    My current apartment also has no handles on the cabinets, but they are not really fastened shut either so little or no child proof benefit there. Rankinman and Dice have good advice - I would have more advice but my wife and I were never able to have children and a few precautions for the occasional visitor such as those already said were all we ever did.

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    Socket plugs are a must. Gate off areas of the house that will never be completely safe like the kitchen, or stairways. Breakable things out of reach. Bookshelves should have wall anchors.

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    Forget the socket plugs and change out your outlets to the newest standard, tamper resistant outlets.

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    Totally useless racket people started if you watch your kid there won't be any reason for that mess.

    I have had 4 nephews and currently have a 4yo son that never had any issues.

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    I agree that the main thing is to train yourself that anything on the floor = food. ANYTHING. Having 2 kids made me a much better housekeeper. I also agree that many of the baby proofing products are unnecessary. We did not do cupboard locks on anything except knives/sharps and the medicine cabinet. All poisonous cleaning stuff we moved to an upper cabinet above the washer and dryer in our garage so there is a locked door between it and the kids. Our liquor, beer, and wine lives in a closet and we put one of the squeezy door knob covers on that door so they couldn't get in, and that has worked well.
    Make sure your water heater is turned down. We have a friend whose child was scalded when she turned on the hot water full blast in the tub one day. We also installed the toilet seat locks after a friends' kid started flushing all the doll shoes and accessories. Just took them off a few months ago - heaven! Shorten any cords on blinds/roman shades so your kids can't accidentally strangle - we just tied ours up. We did switch the outlet covers to the newer kind that are automatically childproof and used zip ties to secure the cords in bundles/to furniture legs where possible. In a few places we used cord anchors with nails to secure the cord to the wall. The last thing we did that has been great was put a foam bumper on the edge of our brick fireplace. It is just the right height for a kid to whack his/her head on falling when walking, and I am sure the bumper saved us several trips to the doctor's office when the kids bounced off of it.
    Good luck!

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