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Thread: Anyone else think the Slime Pit was gross?

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    Anyone else think the Slime Pit was gross?

    Yeah, I thought the Slime Pit was gross but I got it anyway because it was MOTU and I loved MOTU. The Slime stunk, it was impossible to get off when it got into the crevices of your figures and just simply looked bad. I had it a part of my collection and only used it the first couple of times. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

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    I loved the Slime Pit when it first came out. I mean you had an ugly toy that came with a gross gooey substance. It was every boys dream.

    My mom on the other hand was not a big fan. I got to use it once and got some on the rug, sadly that was the last I ever saw of my slime
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    I liked the slime pit alright. I didn't have the heart to slime my figures though. I still like the toy because I like the slime pit in the stories. That and the stories didn't hurt my figures any. I forget where I read it but it's always been my understanding that the pit only exists because mattel had a lot of green goo to do something with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motu77 View Post

    My mom was not a big fan.
    Hahaha, same here, I loved it though..!

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    It was utterly gross.
    And that's why I loved it!
    Yeah, they must have had heaps of green goo to get rid of as the slime pit was resurrected in the King Arthur line

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    I never had the guts to put some of my figures in their to get slimed. I think I tried it with one of my broken figs and had fun with it, but I thought my figures were too valuable to me to get slimed.

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    I loooove the slime pit....I remember that I also had the ghostbusters slime and it was not as cool as He-man's. And unlike other members here, enjoyed slimeing up all my figures....

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    the slime pit was awesome, doubly so because when I first saw it in the store I thought it was fake (as I never heard of it before seeing it in the store) so I picked up the box to scoff at the bootleg toy, then I realized it was real and only $15!! I had to save up for it but i went back every week to look at it and the cool art, when I got it I was more than pleased, it was the coolest thing ever and only mossman, grizzlor and panthor were spared.

    I even put slime in the moat of eternia, I would buy a cannister whenever I could. my mom thought it was nasty though

    esp since the slime came out of the mouth AND nose of the skull!

    and yep the GB slime wasn't near the quality of MOTU except it came with a ghost.
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